Six surprising Kate Middleton and Prince William facts we learnt from A Berry Royal Christmas


VIEWERS fell in love with Prince William and Kate Middleton a bit more during the wonderful A Berry Royal Christmas.

During the show the royal couple let slip a few of their home secrets to host Mary Berry.

We found out lots of lovely facts about William and Kate on A Berry Merry Christmas with Mary Berry

How William won Kate’s heart

During a cooking challenge against her husband, Kate revealed that William was a good cook.

She then revealed that during their university years he used to cook for her to “try and impress” her.

Kate said he used to make her dishes “like bolognese”.

Viewers loved A Berry Royal Christmas

William’s name for Kate

During the show William talks about his wife and refers to her as Catherine.

Kate has many names Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and (according to her passport) Princess.

But its the name Catherine that has confused people over the years – but now we know the Prince uses her birth name when he talks about her.

Kate said that one of Prince Louis first words was “Mary”

Louie’s first word

Kate revealed how one of Prince Louis first words was Mary thanks to her love of Mary Berry

The Duchess said the 20-month-old uttered the name after spotting one of Mary’s cookbooks on their kitchen shelf.

Kate said: One of Louis first words was Mary, because right at his height are all my cooking books in the kitchen bookshelf.

And children are really fascinated by faces, and your face is all over your cooking books and he would say Thats Mary Berry.

“So he would definitely recognise you if he saw you today.

William talked about their son Prince George

Prince George supports Chelsea

William revealed that his son George is a big footy fan.

He said that he told him he could support “anyone but Chelsea” – so of course that was the team the cheeky young prince chose

William is of course an avid supporter of Aston Villa.

Kate revealed a lot about home life to Mary

Kate’s kitchen nightmare

Kate revealed she worked as a waitress at university but was terrible at the job.

During the show the Duchess of Cambridge helped Mary whip up some festive cocktails but said it wasn’t the first time she had carried a tray of drinks.

Kate joked: This is when you make sure you put the lid on. I did this with a spinach soup once and forgot to put the lid on it, and we ended up with spinach soup on the ceiling.

After making a tray of the delicious-looking drinks, Kate tells the former Bake Off chef: Reminds me of my university days when I did a bit of waitressing.

Mary replied: Were you good? to which Kate laughed: No, I was terrible.”

The Royal family Christmas tradition

Kate revealed the Royal Family have a rather lovely tradition they do every year on Christmas Eve.

She said: “William’s family’s tradition is to open one Christmas present on Christmas eve, which is really lovely.”






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