The 6 subtle signs that show Kate Middleton’s really the boss as her & Prince William’s celebrate nine year anniversary


TODAY is Kate Middleton and Prince William’s ninth anniversary since they tied the knot and they are unquestionably a strong power couple.

But body language expert Judi James revealed that it appears it is Kate who wears the trousers in their relationship and often takes the lead. 

Body language expert Judi James has said Kate Middleton wears the trousers in her and Prince William’s relationship

Judi told Fabulous: “Although royal protocol meant Kate first appeared as a royal-in-the-making walking behind William and keeping a very low profile, her body language signals after their marriage did begin to suggest that she was very quietly the one with the very solid levels of social confidence while William’s signals could fluctuate between dominant to an underlying tendency to social shyness.

“Kate looks confident taking the lead a lot and William looks more than happy sitting back and watching her. 

“Unlike his father, who was said to be jealous of Diana when she became the royal superstar, William looks nothing but comfortable now while Kate takes the role of leader but not eclipser, meaning they still form a very well-balanced double-act.”

Here are six photos which prove the Duchess of Cambridge really is the boss in their relationship…

Will’s suppressed smile suggests shyness

At the February Baftas, Judi said William displayed signs of shyness

Both William and Kate appear to adore a bit of glamming up but over the years it’s been Kate emerging as the one with the A-list credentials in terms of taking to the red carpet like a natural. 

This was evident when the couple had a swanky date night at the Bafta Awards in February before lockdown. 

Judi said: “Here William’s suppressed and slewed smile plus his rather naughty sideways glance at the press and public suggest some feelings of shyness and his rigid shoulder and arm positions signal the same. 

“Kate walks slightly ahead here and her forward lean of the shoulders suggest she’s taking the lead as they walk into the venue.”

Kate sits forward confidently

Kate often sits forward in her chair during engagements, with Will taking a more passive stance

At the start of March, the couple visited Ireland on a royal tour and Kate is said to have displayed more “active” body language. 

Judi said of their stances: “This pose shows a common theme now for William and Kate on royal visits, with Kate sitting forward in her chair, looking actively engaged and using some animated hand gestures as she speaks. 

“William looks happier to sit in a more passive position at the back of his chair. 

“His splayed legs suggest confidence and comfort here and he watches Kate’s face as though happy to see her lead the conversation.”

Kate leads lockdown video calls

The duchess has appeared to lead lockdown video calls and has engaged confidently

The couple have been active in self-isolation calling children of key workers and hard-working volunteers during the pandemic. 

Judi said we can learn a lot from their body language on camera, with Kate often dominating the chats. 

She explained: “The couple’s recent lock-down video link-ups have shown an even stronger tendency for Kate to lead and engage confidently in conversations, although not in a way that eclipses her husband in any way. 

“As she leans forward to engage actively William seems happier leaning back while throwing some careful face-checking glances like this one at his wife before joining in or taking over.”

William’s shy smile

William often crosses his hands in a ‘self-protective fig-leaf pose’

The couple are often a confident joint force when out during engagements, but Judi said that William often does his “self-protective fig-leaf pose”, with his hands crossed over his body. 

She said: “It is a signature feature of William’s body language over the years and it hints heavily at some social shyness. 

“His head is also down here and his smile looks shy. 

“Kate has always complimented these non-verbal traits perfectly, either mirroring them or engaging more confidently herself to put William at ease.” 

Kate stands central

Kate was seen standing central during the family’s Clap for Carers video

The royal family delights fans by sharing a video of them Clapping for Carers with Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, four, and two-year-old Prince Louis. 

Judi said that in the heartwarming clip, it is Kate who stands front and centre of the shot. 

She added: “Little Charlotte might have been the one to walk out and lead the waving here but it’s Kate who stands central to her family unit in this pose, juggling tasks and engaging the cameras with a direct smile as she carries Louis and claps and leans her torso in towards William to signal affection and unity.”

Will’s clasped knees show ‘barrier gestures’

William can often be seen clasping his knee, which Judi says is a ‘barrier gesture’

The couple visited the hardworking staff at the NHS 111 call centre in London on March 19, and were photographed sitting down with the team. 

Judi revealed: “On this recent joint visit it’s Kate who sits slightly forward on the sofa using intense listening signals, while William sits back using two barrier gestures, i.e. his crossed legs and his clasped hands ‘capping’ his knees. 

“Both Kate and William are displaying a desire to listen here but Kate’s rather more active pose suggests she might be the one poised to instigate the questions.”

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