The Queen employs a Grand Carver who serves up all her meat at special occasions


THE Queen has a Grand Carver whose sole job it is to slice and serve meat to the monarch on special occasions. 

The 93-year-old has hundreds of staff working for her across her sprawling estates, ranging from gardeners to cleaners. 

The Queen has someone to expertly carve and serve meat to her

But the monarch also has some unusual job titles to fill, most of them a throwback to yesteryear.

Among the bizarre royal roles is the Grand Carver, who is entrusted with expertly cutting and serving slices of meat to the Queen. 

The post dates back hundreds of years – as monarchs never carved their own meat –  and was of particular importance in previous centuries. 

But rather than abolishing the role in modern times, the Financial Times explained the Royal Household “retains the hereditary office of Grand Carver of England.

The post of the Grand Carver has been around for hundreds of years

“In the past skilled carvers would serve the monarch slices of meat that were a uniform shape and thickness, and which were still hot.” 

For any meat lovers out there eyeing up the post, sadly it’s a hereditary one and you’re born into it. 

The honourable position is held by the Earl of Denbeigh and Desmond, currently Alexander Fielding. 

The position held particular influence and importance in previous centuries

Alex, who’s the 12th Earl to hold the title, has the privilege of carving and serving roasts for the Queen and the royal family and banquets and special occasions.

The Queen also employs a poet, an astronomer and someone to look after her stamp collection.

Recently the Queen’s dresser, Angela Kelly, revealed she is the person who breaks in the Queen’s shoes before she wears them, as they’re the same size.

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