The Queen gave President Bush a look only a mother can give a child when he got her age wrong by 200 years


THE Queen once gave President Bush a withering look after he made an embarrassing mistake about her during a speech.

The former president was giving a welcome address to the monarch at the White House, but stumbled on his words.

President Bush remarked the Queen gave him a withering look after his gaffe

The 73-year-old added some 200 years to the Queens age when he mixed up a date, during the monarch’s visit in 2007.

During the 93-year-olds trip to the States, President Bush said the Queen helped celebrate the countrys US bicentennial in 1776 – rather than 1976.

Immediately realising his mistake, which added some two centuries to the Queens age, the politician then winked at the monarch. 

He then turned back to the audience and said: She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.”

President Bush accidentally added 200 years to the Queen’s age

But the Queen showed she had a sense of humour, as she referenced President Bushs mistake when she addressed the formal state dinner on the last night of her visit.

As she began her own speech, she joked: “I wondered whether I should start this toast by saying, ‘When I was here in 1776…’”

And President Bush took her gentle snub quite well, remarking: Your Majesty, I can’t top that one.”

She countered with her joke during her closing speech at a formal dinner

The Queen is famed for her dry wit, coming out with a number of quips over the years.

She told Northern Irelands then First Minister Martin McGuinness shes still alive when asked how she is, and compared the sound of a helicopter to Donald Trump.

And she notably took on an acting role, when she starred in a skit with Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Plus we revealed Prince Philip once joked that the Queens flawless complexion is like that all over.

Meanwhile theQueen told a child she had braces when she was younger, saying it was worth it in the end.

And its claimed the Queen twists her wedding ring to let staff know when shes bored of talking to someone. 


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