The Queen held a service at Sandringham after staff complained it was haunted, claims royal biographers diaries


THE Queen’s Christmas retreat was once thought to be haunted by staff, a royal biographer’s diaries have claimed.

The musings of society writer Kenneth Rose, who died in 2014, have been printed in the Mail – including insights from Her Majesty’s household.

The Queen and Queen Mother held a service at Sandringham after staff complained it was ‘haunted’

The “haunted” room was a downstairs bedroom at Sandringham where The Queen’s dad George VI died, according to Kenneth’s entry from January 2, 2001.

Kenneth claims the Queen Mother’s lady-in-waiting Prue Penn made the revelation to him, with the religious service said to have happened in summer 2000.

“Some of the servants had complained that the room was haunted and did not want to work in it,” he wrote.

According to the diaries, The Queen and Queen Mother called a local parson to the Norfolk estate, to hold a “little service” for them.

Staff were refusing to work in the room where The Queen’s dad George VI died, according to reports

The parson is said to have sensed “some sort of restlessness” in one of the rooms, which the Queen Mother identified as the bedroom her husband spent his final months in.

Kenneth continued: “The parson held a service there, not exactly of exorcism, which is the driving out of an evil spirit, but of bringing tranquillity.

“The congregation of three took Holy Communion and special prayers were said, I think for the repose of the Kings soul in the room in which he died.”

According to the diaries, the spirit was said to be upset by Princess Diana’s untimely death, in a car crash in August 1997.

Kenneth wrote: “The parson said that the oppressive or disturbing atmosphere may have been because of Princess Diana: he had known such things before when someone died a violent death.”

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