The Queen is worth £20 million LESS in 2020 than she was last year, according to The Times rich list


THERE’S no denying the Queen’s wealth. Her impressive jewellery collection and extensive property portfolio alone is enough to give you an indication of the Monarch’s net worth. 

But, according to The Times Rich List for 2020, the Queen is worth £20 million less than she was last year.

The Queen is worth £20 million less than last year

Ranking 372 on the list, it’s believed the Monarch’s net worth is now £350 million, in comparison to £370 million in 2019 – which had her ranked at 356 on the list.

For the most part the loss stems from her property portfolio which alone cost a pretty penny to maintain.

The Buckingham Palace underwent minor repairs and renovations last year costing a huge £14.1m, and a further £5.5m was spent on maintaining some of her other properties. reported that some State rooms at the palace had not been redecorated since she came to the throne in 1952, and overdue roof repair were needed there and at Windsor castle.

Buckingham Palace underwent minor repairs and renovations last year costing £14.1m

The global pandamic has also caused the stock market to take a hit with the Queen’s share portfolio, mostly in British blue chips, affected by the market crash.

The Queen’s day-to-day income comes from the sovereign grant, and according to HOARday Times, was £82.2m in the latest accounts. 

But the Queen’s private income will also be hit with the closure of  Sandringham House and Balmoral Castle – in which she owns both privately – as paying visitors can no longer attend.

Tourists will also missed at Buckingham Palace this summer,  and at Windsor Castle, with both normally open all-year-round to paying visitors.

In other royal news, the Queen once offended the Queen Mother after forgetting the brooch she was wearing was from her.

We also shared how the Queen used to drive ‘James Bond’ style cars with secret buttons & a direct hotline to Downing Street.

And we revealed the Queen owns her own tartan design and other Royals have to ask her permission to wear it.

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