The Queen shut down Margaret Thatchers request to coordinate outfits saying she does not notice what others wear


THE Queen is said to have given Margaret Thatcher an epic put-down after they both showed up at the same event wearing colours that clashed.

Following the public appearance, the former prime minister is said to have contacted Her Majesty, 93, to share her views on the outfit choices. 

Margaret Thatcher is said to have sent a message to the palace suggesting their liaise about outfit colours so they don’t clash at joint events

According to the novel The Friends Of Harry Perkins by Chris Mullins: Mrs Thatcher sent a note to the Palace respectfully suggesting that in future their private offices should liaise to ensure there would be no repeat.

And the Queen is said to have replied with a withering statement. 

Chris wrote: Back came the reply, no doubt dictated by the Queen herself: Her Majesty does not notice what other people are wearing.

The Queen is said to have had a less than harmonious relationship with Margaret Thatcher, according to TV documentary Elizabeth: Our Queen, which aired on Channel 5 in 2018. 

The Queen is said to have replied with a withering statement to Margaret

The show claimed that the Queen was reduced to tears over her feud with Margaret, and Princess Margaret said it was the only time she had seen her cry.

Princess Josephine Loewenstein tells the TV show that Margaret, a close pal, told her: Ive only seen my sister cry once.

It was when the Press put all the articles about her not getting on with Mrs Thatcher.

The show tells how Mrs T was so nervous of the Queen she would race off to gulp down a whisky in Buckingham Palace to recover from their weekly meetings.

Once when Mrs T was staying at Balmoral, the irritated Queen is said to have hissed: Cant that woman just sit down?

Lord Robin Butler, Mrs Ts Principal Private Secretary, says: Mrs Thatcher was in awe of the Queen. Like a lot of assertive people, she was lacking in confidence.

The Queen is said to have had a less than harmonious relationship with Margaret Thatcher

The Queen is known for her bold fashion choices, and is often seen in bright coats and hats in every hue of the rainbow.

And there is a good reason for this choice – and it’s not just that she doesnt like bland colours.

According to the Queens biographer, Robert Hardman, she was quoted as saying: “I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am.”

By wearing colour, she can stand out for the crowd and people can say, I saw the Queen.

It has been claimed that the Queen was reduced to tears over her feud with Margaret

Chris book also includes the Queens words when the killer of Sir Richard Sharples, the Governor of Bermuda, had his appeal against his death sentence rejected. 

The killer had appealed to the Queen for mercy, but this was rejected. 

Chris wrote: She duly signed away the culprits life, remarking as she did so: Fancy appealing to me for mercy. Do you know he even shot the dog?

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