The Queen twists her wedding ring to let staff know when shes bored of talking to someone


THERE are few things more painful than being stuck in a conversation you desperately want to escape from.

Fortunately for the Queen, 93, she has a secret signal to let her staff know when to rescue her from some boring chatter during engagements.

The Queen has a secret signal for letting staff know that she needs rescuing from a conversation

According to People, the monarch twists her wedding ring to send royal aides a subtle message.

Reaching for the piece of jewellery however, is no minor matter, and is a tool for her to indicate that she needs saving pronto.

Her Majesty’s Welsh gold wedding band – given to her by Prince Philip, 98, when they tied the knot in 1947 – usually sits alongside a three carat diamond rock which she received when they got engaged.

For a less swift end to the conversation, a royal expert has revealed how she moves her bag from one hand to the other.

Her Majesty twists her ring if she needs saving from boring chatter by royal aides urgently

It is a sign that she’s finished speaking with someone – but is less urgent than the ring-twisting.

“It would be very worrying if you were talking to the Queen and saw the handbag move from one hand to the other,” said royal historian Hugo Vickers.

“It would be done very nicely.

“Someone would come along and say, Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would very much like to meet you.’

The monarch’s gold wedding band sits beside her three-carat diamond engagement ring

Her son Prince Charles, 71, also has a handy way of wrapping up pointless small talk.

“What they all do is try to find a quick joke to leave it on, added Vickers.

“Prince Charles has a quick ha ha and that enables him to break the conversation.

Both he and son Prince William, 37, also fiddle with their cuff links at official engagements – however it is unclear whether this is a secret signal or just a nervous tick.

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