The secret signs in Meghan Markle’s wardrobe, from coded shoutouts to Harry to one VERY big pregnancy hint


WHEN Meghan Markle steps out in public all eyes are on her and her impeccable wardrobe – but could she be sending secret signs with her outfit choices?

Royal experts claim the Duchess of Sussex uses her clothes and jewellery to send hints on everything from the gender of her baby to shoutouts to Prince Harry.

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Could Meghan have been sending a message on Oprah with this ‘revival’ lotus flower dress?

Here are some of the times it has been claimed Meghan has given a subtle message in what she is wearing…

Slogan T-shirt message

The trailer of Prince Harry’s mental health series with Oprah Winfrey, The Me You Can’t See, featured Meghan beaming in a white slogan T-shirt and jeans. 

The £27 monochrome shirt by British designer Mere Soeur said “Raising the Future”.

Royal author Phil Dampier told Fabulous it could be a message from Meghan “saying we’re starting a new future as part of our new life out here.”

In a trailer for Harry’s mental health project with Oprah, pregnant Meghan wore a T-shirt that said ‘raising the future’

He explained: “In some ways they’re setting up a rival court, and perhaps she’s implying this is the future for them and for their causes.

“It could also be a more personal reference to a new arrival, and that another baby was on the way.

“I think she’s got her eye on possible political career, possibly running for President so (the T-shirt could be) part of her theme of looking to the future.

“But I’m sure it’s calculated, I’m sure you wouldn’t wear a t-shirt like that unless you wanted to get a hidden message across.”

Ring that signalled she’s having a girl

Meghan sent royal watchers into a frenzy after wearing a $1.5k pink cocktail ring in February

The Pink Sapphire Cocktail Ring from the brand Ecksand

Back in February, pregnant Meghan sent royal watchers into a frenzy after wearing a $1.5k pink cocktail ring, with fans convinced she was “hinting” at her baby’s gender.

The Pink Sapphire Cocktail Ring from the brand Ecksand and sees the stone set on a gold diamond pavé band.

“Is the “pink” ring an “indication/hint” that it might be a little girl?”, one wrote on Instagram.

Whether it was a sign or not, Meghan confirmed to Oprah Winfrey that she is indeed having a baby girl this summer.

Necklace nods to Prince Harry and Archie

The Duchess wore the two astrological necklaces during a visit to Broom Farm Community Centre in Windsor earlier this month

The Duchess wore the two astrological necklaces during a visit to Broom Farm Community Centre in Windsor
Meghan wore this £60 Virgo pendant in reference to Harry's September
Meghan wore this £60 Virgo pendant in reference to Harry’s September birthday

Even when she was out on royal duties, Meghan had a special way of keeping Archie close to her heart.

On an engagement in 2019 to the Broom Farm Community Centre in Windsor, Meghan wore two dainty gold necklaces by Canadian brand Suetables featuring astrological pendants.

The first £60 chain had a pendant engraved with Harry’s Virgo star sign while her £122 Zodiac necklace boasted a Taurus charm in tribute to Archie’s May birthday.

Wore a ‘resurrection dress’ for Oprah interview

The Telegraph claimed that Meghan chose her £3,600 long triple silk georgette dress features a lotus flower design for its ‘symbolic meaning of revival’

Meghan chose a dress with a secret meaning for her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, it is claimed. 

The pregnant Duchess of Sussex stunned in a flowing black Giorgio Armani dress to “convey a very specific message”, in her first interview after finalising Megxit.

The Telegraph claimed that the £3,600 long triple silk georgette dress features a lotus flower design, which Meghan chose for its “symbolic meaning of revival”. 

They wrote: “The lotus flower’s daily resurrection is considered proof of its determination and will to live. 

“This ‘refusal to accept defeat’ is very much how she sees her own battle against the pressures of royal life.”

New style after leaving the royal family

Fashion stylist Lucas Armitage said Meghan shifted back to her laid-back fashion style after stepping back as a royal

Meghan seems to have ditched more than just royal duties when she moved to California with Prince Harry – and has an entirely new style. 

Fashion stylist Lucas Armitage said the duchess has shunned her “uncomfortable royal uniform” and has now returned to her pre-palace wardrobe of ripped jeans and T-shirts.

Lucas added: “Sure, Meghan played by the rules and looked immaculately turned out, but her new royal style seemed such a departure from her old life I always wondered if she actually enjoyed wearing the clothes or if they were just her royal uniform.”

Bold final royal outfits ‘sent a clear message to royals’ 

Lucas said Meghan’s bold final royal outfits sent an ‘unapologetic’ message

And according to Lucas, the Duchess of Sussex’s show-stopping final royal outfit choices prove she is “unapologetic” about leaving the royal family. 

Fashion expert Lucas said Meghan’s last UK engagement outfits sent a clear message to fans and the royal family. 

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, he said: “All the looks this royal tour have enlisted bold colour, it’s unapologetic, it’s loud and proud.

“I feel a new stylist may have been used as it feels like a departure from her more recent looks – Meghan wasn’t going out without having one last fashion hurrah.”

Excessive jewellery post-royal

The Duchess of Sussex wore £25,000 worth of gold at the Vax Live conference

When Meghan joined the Royal family, her style seemed instantly accessible, with a wardrobe that mixed high end fashion with the affordable and sustainable – especially when it came to jewellery.

But a recent picture of the Duchess of Sussex – wearing £25,000 worth of gold – suggests she also has an eye for the blisteringly expensive.

Appearing at the Vax Live conference, where she discussed the effect of the pandemic on women, she wore a £5,000 Cartier bracelet, Princess Diana’s £17,800 Cartier watch and a £2,361 gold bangle.

The mum-to-be also included her usual message piece – a women’s power necklace at the more affordable price of £102 – but the Caroline Herrera dress was no snip at £1,200.

Now an expert believes that Meghan’s whole outfit suggests she feels happier about splashing the cash now she’s freed from the taxpayers’ purse strings.

“Meghan’s financial independence was something she always valued and missed when she married into the royal family,” Katie Nicholl, royal correspondent and author of Harry and Meghan, tells HOAR.

“Losing her financial independence and essentially becoming a ‘kept’ woman was really hard for her after so many years of being self sufficient.”

Previously, royal aides want Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to give up their titles after ‘disgraceful’ attack on Charles and Philip.

And Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘make everything a publicity stunt’ to ‘make them look good on social media’, it is claimed.


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