Thomas Markle is right to take Meghan and Prince Harry to court over not seeing grandkids, says model Caprice


THOMAS Markle is right to take Meghan and Prince Harry to court over not seeing his grandkids, says model Caprice.

The American star backed the former lighting director’s legal fight to meet Archie, two, and baby Lilibet.

Model Caprice told the Sun Online that the ‘Royals are so important’
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ‘continuously talking about their family in derogatory terms’ says Caprice

Meghan’s estranged dad, 77, last week vowed to take his daughter and son-in-law to court so he can see them.

Caprice, 49, told the Sun Online: “Mr Markle has a right to petition the Court of California for access to his grandchildren.

“If Thomas Markle was a billionaire from Texas, I am sure they would, without a thought, give him direct access to their children.

“If he was a billionaire, they would probably even be living with him.

“These are the ramifications of living in that state.”

The model and By Caprice Home CEO added: “I think this is tough for everyone and the Markles have never explained why they are totally ostracised so are only left to make assumptions.

“It just goes to show what character both of them actually have.

“Mr Markle is a normal guy and was totally unprepared for the level or fame he was walking into.”

It came after the former lighting director last week revealed he would be launching a legal battle.

Speaking at his home in Rosarito, Mexico – 240 miles from the couple’s £11million mansion – Mr Markle said: “We shouldn’t be punishing Lili for Meghan and Harry’s bad behaviour.

“Archie and Lili are small children. They’re not politics. They’re not pawns.

“I will be petitioning the California courts for the rights to see my grandchildren in the very near future.”

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Caprice also declared her huge support for the Royal Family after it was revealed that Harry has signed a four-book deal that may be worth up to £29million –  an explosive memoir which he vowed will examine the “highs and lows” of his extraordinary life.

She said: “The Royals are so important to our economy and the heritage of England as a country.

“The Royal family are correct and acting with such dignity after being continuously attacked by Harry and Meghan, especially as a lot of the allegations have been proven to be incorrect or exaggerated.”

She was referring to the couple’s upsetting comments against the Royal Family during a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, which were blasted as being “exaggerated or unprovable” by Piers Morgan.

These included Meghan wrongly claiming she and Harry were married in secret by the Archbishop of Canterbury and alleging that Archie was not allowed to be a Prince because of his skin colour. 

Caprice said: “The couple are continuously talking about their family in derogatory terms, and now there are rumours they want their daughter to be christened in the Queen’s church.

“It just goes from bad to worse.”

Harry and Meghan Markle want baby daughter Lilibet to be christened in front of the Queen at Windsor, it’s recently been reported.

But Caprice said: “If this [christening demand] is true then it just becomes clear how calculating they really are to stay relevant.

“It shows you their true colours and intentions.

“The whole thing is really unfortunately for everyone.”

The Sussexes‘ hopes for a royal ceremony are said to have been expressed during Harry’s UK visit for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.

It would be Meghan’s first trip to the UK since last year’s Megxit when the couple left for the US.

A source told The Daily Mail: “Harry told several people that they want to have Lili christened at Windsor, just like her brother.

“They are happy to wait until circumstances allow.”

It follows a confusing row over whether Harry and Meghan asked the Queen if they could use her private nickname Lilibet for their baby girl.

Caprice’s comments come after royal commentator, Jonathan Sacerdoti, warned of a “growing divide between the Sussexes and the royal family” after Harry announced his memoir would be published next year.

It’s recently been revealed that Penguin Random House will publish Prince Harry’s memoir – which has reportedly surprised the Royal Family.

Mr Sacerdoti told the Sun Online: “The royal family will undoubtedly be apprehensive about this.”

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