Video from Kate and Prince Williams plane shows it bouncing in storm as he jokes I almost spilled my vodka and tonic


FRIGHTENING footage has emerged of the turbulence suffered on board Prince William and Kate Middletons RAF flight which caused the pilot to abandon his landing on Thursday evening.

RAF Voyager, carrying the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was forced to abandon its landing in Islamabad and return to Lahore after being caught in terrible storms.

Passengers were seen holding on to the headrests and nervously laughing
One passenger described the flight as being like a rollercoaster
RAF Voyager remained on the tarmac at Lahore overnight
William and Kate left Lahore this morning

It was forced to stay in the air for more than two hours for a journey that normally takes 25-minutes due thunder and lighting.

The pilot had tried to land twice at two different airports due to the storms but eventually turned the plane around.

It tried to land at the main airport in Islamabad and then the air force base Nur Khan in Rawalpindi.

Film taken from inside the plane show nervous passengers holding onto headrests and nervously laughing as the plane is tossed about in the storm.

Calm Prince William though was worried about his fellow passengers and strolled down the Airbus A330 to make sure everyone was ok.

The second in line to the throne even managed to joke with those on board, saying he had been flying and the turbulence had even made him spill his vodka and tonic at one point.


The Sun’s Royal Correspondent Emily Andrews, who was aboard the plane, tweeted: “Drama on the royalflight… thunderstorms over Islamabad meant we had to abort two landings and have returned to Lahore.”

One passenger said it was a “pretty serious storm”, describing the flight as a “rollercoaster”.

The on-board drama was the culmination of a full day of appointments for Wills and Kate which saw them visit a childrens home and take part in a showcase game of cricket.

The Duke and Duchess also visited a mosque in the centre of Lahore and comfort desperately sick children receiving treatment at a cancer hospital.

The couple stayed at Lahore’s Pearl Continental Hotel on Thursday evening, along with journalists, Kensington Palace staff and foreign ministry officials.

A planned visit to a Pakistan military post in the west of the country on Friday morning was cancelled, but the couple will visit an army canine training school in Islamabad before departing from the country later in the day.

Prince William and Kate were coming the end of their penultimate day in Pakistan as part of an official four-day tour of the country.

They arrived at the Nur Khan air force base on Monday evening before flying to Chitral on Wednesday and Lahore yesterday.

RAF Voyager is based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire and underwent a 10million refit to provide transport for government ministers and members of the Royal Family.

The royal couple left from Lahore airport earlier today
Kate once again wore a traditionally-styled outfit


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