What happens when the Queen dies and what is the secret phrase the Prime Minister will be told?


QUEEN Elizabeth II has reigned since February 6, 1952, her mother died on March 30, 2002 when more than a million Londoners came to pay their respects.

At 93 years old, The Queen has reigned for 67 years and still carries out her royal duties, but what will happen when she passes away?

Queen Elizabeth II during a reception to mark the 60th anniversary of Cruse Bereavement Care at St James’s Palace in London

What will happen when the Queen dies?

Newsreaders on British broadcasts will have to wear black and a footman will pin a black edged death notice on the gates of Buckingham Palace.

After then, it is reported that Britain will enter 12 days of official mourning before a funeral at Westminster Abbey.

Prince Charles would become King while Prince William would then become the Prince of Wales.

What is the secret phrase the Prime Minister will be told when the Queen dies?

A report has revealed exactly what will happen when Her Majesty dies – including the secret code phrase that palace staff will use to let the Government know of her passing.

One of the first people to be told before any official announcement will be the Prime Minister.

The Queen pictured at a Commonwealth Day service. She has reigned for 66 years

And it is believed that the Queen’s private secretary will call the PM on a secure line and then utterthe code: “London Bridge is down.”

After that, the exact same code phrase will be passed to government officials in 36 other countries that make up the Commonwealth, of which the Queen is the head.

The report added that it is only once governments have been told that the media will be allowed to inform the public.

And it is believed to be mostlikely that people will find out through Twitter or Facebook or by a newsflash posted by the Press Association.

However, despite the report, there is no suggestion that the Queen is showing any sign of ill health.


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