Wills and Kate join millions across the UK to clap for brave NHS heroes working on coronavirus frontline


PRINCE WILLIAM, his wife Kate Middleton and their three children joined millions of Brits who loudly clapped, cheered and celebrated our NHS heroes and key workers bravely battling the coronavirus.

The weekly cheers and applause rung out across the UK tonight at 8pm as millions stood on their front-door steps and on their balconies.


Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton, and their children George, Charlotte and Louis join in the Clap for Carers on April 23

People stand near a thank you NHS sign outside Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for the clap on April 23

An NHS worker holds a placard outside the Aintree University Hospital during the Clap for our Carers campaign on April 23

A dog wearing a doctors suit is seen outside Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for the Clap for Carers on April 23

Daisy Mae and June clapping on their doorstep in Windsor Berkshire on April 23

West Midlands Police officer applauds outside the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on April 23

‘Thank you NHS and Key Workers’ rainbows painted on chalk boards outside the Red Lion Pub in Burnham Village High Street on April 23

It is the fifth week in a row that the UK has clapped to honour those who are keeping Britain going during the coronavirus crisis.

The first emotional Clap For Carers took place on Thursday, March 26, and has happened every week since.

Emergency services also sounded their vehicles’ sirens and horns while flashing their blue lights.

Organisers behind the campaign, which started online, believe NHS staff need to know the public are grateful for their work during these unprecedented times.

Every week it is used to give a morale-boost to the workers who are on the frontline daily seeing the worst of the crisis.

NHS workers have been joined by retired personnel and students nearing the end of their training in call up to combat Covid-19.

HOAR urged readers to get behind the weekly pause for thanks, and encouraged people to even turn their house blue in support — like 200 UK landmarks including Tower Bridge, the White Cliffs of Dover and Angel of the North near Gateshead.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have previously shared an adorable video of their children, George, 6, Charlotte, 4, and Louis, now 2, clapping for key workers.

The Cambridges today also marked Louis’ birthday by sharing pictures of him painting rainbows for the NHS like millions of other children across the UK.

Prince Louis claps for the NHS with his mum Kate. The little Royal also celebrated his birthday today.


Prince William with his family as they applaud the NHS and key workers for tackling the coronavirus pandemic
Prince George, 6, who is third in line to the throne, applauds for the NHS

Meanwhile, there have been calls to give our NHS heroes lasting support and recognition including the right protection at work.

As well as the PPE they desperately need to do their jobs safely, HOAR is backing philanthropist Lord Ashcroft’s plea for a collective George Cross medal to be awarded to the NHS.

He argues that the prestigious award would be appropriate as it acknowledges supreme bravery that did not take place in the heat of battle.

It will also honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice — the medics who lost their lives while treating patients during the coronavirus crisis.

The George Cross expert writes: “NHS staff and other key workers are constantly involved in life-and-death struggles not just for the coronavirus patients but for their own survival.

“Yet they go out to confront these dangers head-on. It is for this reason that their incredible courage, not just their admirable devotion to their job, must eventually be recognised in a lasting and appropriate way.”

Billy, Bonnie and mum Sabina clapping on their balcony in Windsor on April 23

Britain today saw the death toll rise to 18,738 with the total number of cases across the country nearing 140,000.

It came as health secretary Matt Hancock promised to expand testing to all seven million key workers and their families.

The government classifies key workers as people working in jobs such as teachers, government employees and delivery drivers.

Mr Hancock also warned of the dangers of lifting the lockdown too soon after chief medical officer Chris Whitty admitted measures could roll on into 2021.

He said: “We must maintain our resolve and follow the social distancing rules because they are working, they are protecting the NHS and they are saving lives.”

The cabinet minister added lifting too early would be a “mistake” with reports Prime Minister Boris Johnson fears a “second wave” amid pressure from to ease the lockdown from colleagues.


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