Alina Pops heartbreaking Coronation Street return explained as Seb Franklin finally moves on with Emma Brooker


CORONATION Street has confirmed Alina Pops storyline for her return this Christmas after finally escaping the slave gangs clutches.

Seb Franklin was horrified when he discovered that his girlfriend was being people trafficked in the ITV soap but has since moved on with Emma Brooker.

Seb realised Alina was a victim of a human trafficking gang in Corrie

When does Alina Pop return to Coronation Street?

Sebs ex-girlfriend Alina Pop is set to return this Christmas.

Seb was horrified when he discovered that he discovered Alina was being people trafficked in the ITV soap but has since moved on to pastures new and is now dating Emma.

Alina is set to return just as Seb and Emma make their relationship official and call themselves a couple.

Seb was horrified to discover Alina’s poor living conditions in Corrie

What is Alina Pop’s Coronation Street return storyline?

Alina will show up at Number 11 looking for Seb in scenes this Christmas.

In an upcoming episode, Amy finds Alina knocking at the door for Seb.

The teen lies that Seb is now engaged to her sister and Alina leaves with her tail between her legs.

Amy tells Emma she sent Alina packing, but the hairdresser insists she has to tell Seb whats happened.

When Amy fails to do so, Emma tells Seb herself.

Her boyfriend is left speechless and clearly confused about his feelings for Alina.

The big question is – why is she back?

With exact plot details being kept under wraps for now, fans will have to tune in to discover why Alina is back on the cobbles.

Will Alina Pop and Seb Franklin get back together in Coronation Street?

ITV bosses are yet to confirm details of Sebs future love life on the cobbles.

But that hasnt stopped fans theorising that Alinas return will throw a spanner in the works with him and Emma.

One fan said: I bet things will develop between Seb & Emma and then Alina will come back on the scene.

Another fan tweeted: Anyone else kind of want Alina to return and fight Emma over Seb?

A third fan added: Put her down Seb. Alina’s coming back.”

Seb will make things official with Emma Brooker this Christmas

Why did Alina Pop leave Coronation Street?

Alina left the cobbles in August after her involvement in Corries harrowing modern slavery storyline came to a head.

Seb realised that the teen was a victim of a human trafficking gang after Alina kept ghosting him.

He later sneaked into the nail bar and was horrified to discover the poor conditions she had to both live and work in.

Seb overheard Rachel telling Alina she needed to start behaving if she wanted to earn money to send home to her family, and Seb realised she and her husband were people trafficking.

Alina had been brought over and forced to work in the chain of beauty salons.

Seb was determined to take action but he bit off more than he could chew as the gang bundled him into a car and kidnapped him.

Alina was later forced to say goodbye to Seb as she announced she was going back to Romania.

Seb was heartbroken and gutted to see Alina go.


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