Coronation Street fans convinced cheating Robert will die after he crashes car headfirst into a lorry


CORONATION Street viewers were convinced Robert Preston is dead after he crashed his car into an oncoming lorry.

Fans of the ITV soap were on the edge of their seat as the first of tonight’s two episodes ended with the chef (Tristan Gemmill) losing control of his vehicle while talking on the phone to Michelle (Kym Marsh).

Robert lost concentration and ploughed towards a huge lorry
Viewers fear he’s dead after he loses control of the car

The last we saw was his horrified face as the white truck came towards him and he desperately swerved as the lorry collided with him.

Meanwhile Michelle heard the screech of brakes on the other end of the phone before the line went dead.

“Robert?” she said, growing more frantic by the second. “Robert?!”

And with viewers then having to wait half an hour for the night’s second instalment of the Weatherfield saga, fans took to twitter to express their horror.

Michelle heard the crash as she spoke to him on the phone
He attempted to swerve to avoid the oncoming lorry

One said: “Omg Robert!!!”

Another wondered: “#Corrie perhaps that’s a swift end to Robert’s story line – but how many girlfriends at the funeral?”

Someone else warned: “You see thats what happens when your on your phone and driving at the same time ! #Corrie #CoronationStreet @itvcorrie”

It’s a well known fact that Tristan has filmed his final scenes as the cheating bistro owner, so it’s not surprising that many fans were convinced this is how Robert will make his exit.

Earlier in the episode, Robert was visiting Vicky, the woman he has been cheating on fiancee Michelle with since the summer.

He told Michelle he was in Sandbach when he was actually in Macclesfield for the day.

But when Michelle received a letter from Pay accusing her of breach of contract and defamation, she called her husband-to-be to vent.

Robert took the call as he was driving back from Weatherfield and lost concentration as Michelle recounted her woes to him.

Of course, fans know that Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle, is also due to leave the cobbles soon with Kym recently enjoying her leaving party.

Exact details of Michelle’s exit are being kept firmly under wraps for now but her final scenes are set to air around Christmas.





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