Coronation Street fans convinced Summer hurt baby Oliver after being left alone with him


CORONATION Street fans are convinced Summer hurt baby Oliver after he suffered a fit in tonight’s episode.

The schoolgirl was left with baby Oliver by his dad Steve McDonald after he spotted his daughter Emma fighting with ex-boyfriend Seb.

Did Summer hurt Oliver?

Steve offered Summer a fiver to look after Oliver while he went over to help Emma who was hurling Seb’s belongings out of the window.

After calming the situation down and reassuring Emma everything would be OK, Steve went home.

But at the exact moment he walked through the door, Summer panicked and told him Oliver was in danger.

She said: “Steve come quick, I don’t know he was watching the telly and then he suddenly just went funny.

Oliver was rushed to the doctor by Steve

“He was shaking, it was like a fit. I don’t know, it literally just happened.”

The pair then rushed Oliver to the medical centre but fans were suspicious about Summer’s behaviour and think she did something to the little one.

One wrote: “Did Summer do something to Oliver?”

A second said: “Poor Oliver!”

Another added: “Oh no poor baby Oliver.”

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Steve rush Oliver into the medical centre.

Dr Gaddas assures Steve that everything is okay but tells him to take Oliver to A&E as a precaution.

It all kicks off when Leanne arrives at the hospital and realises that Steve left Oliver with schoolgirl Summer.

The pair will end up in a bitter custody battle as Oliver’s health worsens.


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