Coronation Street fans heartbroken as judge rule Oliver Battersby should die in emotional episode


CORONATION Street fans are in bits after an emotional episode saw the judge rule that Oliver Battersby should be allowed to die.

The toddler is suffering from mitochondrial disease and has no chances of recovery and the judge made clear tonight that he is likely suffering while being kept artificially alive.

The judge ruled against Leanne and Steve

Leanne sobbed her heart out as the judge made her ruling – but vowed to appeal.

However Steve McDonald told her he couldn’t support it and forced her to confront the truth – that Oliver was suffering and the fight was prolonging it.

Fans were in tears throughout the episode but when Oliver’s step grandmother Gail Platt broke down in the Rovers, they couldn’t cope.

As she walked into the pub Fiz tried to offer her condolences, but Gail wouldn’t let her.

Leanne breaks down and berates Steve
Leanne was devastated at the news

She said: “No, stop it. You be nice to me and I’ll just start crying again and I’ve just fixed my makeup.”

“Jenny, could I have a very large G&T please?” she added through sobs.

“I had to get out of the house because Max and Lily came home and I didn’t want them to see me upset.

“It’s not over yet. It just feels like there’s not much hope left.”

The heartbreaking scenes had viewers spellbound by actress Helen Worth’s performance – and they sobbed along with her.

Tracey was heartbroken at the news
Step-grandmother Gail was also heartbroken

One wrote: “Oliver. Watching Leanne actually broke my heart.”

A second said: “So sad tonight”

Another added: “You knew that was coming but it was so hard to watch!”

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