Coronation Street fans horrified as Geoff blames Yasmeen for getting chlamydia and calls her a ‘disease-ridden old tart’


CORONATION Street viewers were left horrified tonight as Geoff Metcalfe blamed Yasmeen Nazir for giving him chlamydia- and slammed her as a “disease-ridden old tart”.

The domestic abuser was attempting to cover his tracks after catching the STI off a prostitute and passing it on to his unsuspecting wife.

Geoff Metcalfe points blame at his wife Yasmeen for contracting chlamydia

But after Yasmeen starts to suffer symptoms, she is tested at the doctor’s surgery and shocked to be told she has the infection.

“I can’t help but wonder how I got it…”, she told Geoff.

He replied “Well, that’s a very good question.

“It looks like one of us has been unfaithful and that one isn’t me.”

The abused wife is devastated by the diagnosis

Insisting she wasn’t to blame, Yasmeen told him: “I haven’t slept with anyone else.”

But evil Geoff refused to take the blame and suggested his wife had been sleeping around.

Launching into a vile attack against his abused wife, Geoff spouted: “Oh really, but you’re knocking about the place with chlamydia and haven’t been unfaithful? What, I’m meant to believe that, you disease-ridden old tart.

“It’s not very nice for me when my misses comes home with the clap. No wonder you stink.

“I know what you’re going to say now, dear, you’re going to bring up the escorts again aren’t you?”

Yasmeen and Geoff in a heated row about her STI

Attempting to stand up for herself, Yasmeen shouted: “I’m not the one who has been emailing prostitutes.”

Despite being under pressure to confess, Geoff stood his ground and hit back: “How dare you. How dare you point the finger of blame at me.

“If anyone should be under suspicion, it’s you.”

Out of earshot, Geoff makes a furious call to the escorts’ firm telling them they will be footing his medical bills after catching chlamydia from one of their clients.

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