Coronation Street fans in hysterics as filthy Claudia says Ken loves ‘slipping a few lengths in in the afternoon’


CORONATION Street fans were in hysterics tonight as the retirement home turned filthy with mucky comments.

The luxury retirement community known as Still Walters was more like a swinging club with Claudia Colby bragging about how Ken Barlow likes to ‘slip in a few lengths’ and Norris Cole polishing his helmet.

Ken’s saucy afternoon activities had fans in hysterics

With Ken mourning the loss of his beloved dog Eccles, he disappeared into himself and was shutting Claudia and his pals out.

And when Claudia went downstairs to meet Norris for a coffee, he asked where Ken had gotten to.

But fans were left spitting out their tea at Claudia’s unintentionally saucy remark.

“At the pool I think,” she told Norris, adding: “He likes to slip in a couple of lengths in the afternoon.”

Claudia revealed the saucy news in tonight’s episode

Meanwhile Norris was bragging about polishing his helmet

Norris drily replied: “No mean feat for a man of his age.”

Viewers were in utter hysterics at the mucky comment.

One wrote: “Ken slipping in lengths and Norris’ helmet, this episode has been filth! #Corrie”

A second said: “#Corrie All around the country, Mums and Dads having to explain why their cup of teas come out their nose at Norris polishing his helmet lol!!”

Another added: “#Corrie is innuendo central tonight. We’ve had Norris polishing his helmet and now we’re being told that Ken likes to slip in a couple of lengths every afternoon Flushed faceFace with tears of joy”

Earlier in the episode Norris made another filthy comment that had viewers spluttering.

He said: “Come on Ken you’re the only person who’s had the guts to stand up against Charles.

“I’m just one of the pipe men in life. Sitting round the campfire with the crew polishing my helmet.”


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