Coronation Street fans open-mouthed as Eileen dumps undertaker George for giving her DISGUSTING gift


CORONATION Street fans were left in shock after Eileen dumped undertaker George for giving her a DISGUSTING gift. 

Todd hatched a plan to get his mother together with George after realising the pair had the hots for each other in tonight’s episode. 

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It wasn’t the thought that counted tonight for Eileen

Todd managed to convince Eileen to invite George round for dinner, and was delighted when he insisted on buying her a drink at the pub beforehand.

But George quickly put his foot in it when Eileen arrived at the pub.

Eileen was touched when George presented her with a bunch of flowers.

But his face fell as she picked up a card nestled in between them. 

It all started off so well

Until Eileen realised they were funeral flowers


George was not expecting Eileen to come at him like that

“Oh hang on a minute that wasn’t meant to be there,” he said.

A shocked Eileen read out: “Rest in peace Mildred. You’ll be missed.”

“You’ve stolen these flowers from some poor cow’s grave and given them to me,” she gasped.

“I would never do that. They were left behind at the office,” George replied.

George was shell shocked

Todd, who was sitting with Billy a few feet away, butted in: “He’s just being environmentally minded, mum.”

“Exactly. It’s recycling. Reduce reuse and all of that,” George insisted.

But Eileen wasn’t impressed and hissed: “I should have known that someone who spends most of their time around dead people would have something missing.”

As she tossed the flowers on the ground by George’s feet and flounced out of the pub, she added: “And your dinner invite’s been revoked.”

Eileen meant business tonight

Corrie fans flocked to Twitter to express their shock at George’s distasteful gift. 

One said: “We love an Eileen tantrum.”

Another added: “I hate to disagree with the queen Eileen but there’s nothing wrong with regifting a bunch of flowers #corrie.”

A third chimed in: “Funeral flowers for Eileen.”

Fans were glued to their screens watching Eileen
Fans were in hysterics about the plotline

Elsewhere tonight, fans were left in tears as Nick Tilsley finally discovered Leanne Battersby’s drugs hell at the hands of dealer Harvey. 

In a bid to keep her in Weatherfield, Nick confessed his love for her, but Leanne insisted she and Simon needed to depart from the cobbles for their own safety. 

Nick later surprised Leanne with the revelation that he’d decided to join her, and leave his ex Natasha and long-lost son Sam behind.

As the episode came to a close, viewers watched Nick, Leanne and Simon bid farewell to their friends and family – and head away from the cobbles for a fresh start.

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