Coronation Street fans overjoyed as abuser Geoff Metcalfe is kicked out by Tim and Sally


CORONATION Street fans are overjoyed after abuser Geoff Metcalfe got kicked out by Tim and Sally.

The vile DJ – who is played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – was stabbed by his victim, wife Yasmeen when he attacked her with a knife.

Geoff wasn’t impressed with Tim kicking him out

He has played the victim and has the police and Yasmeen convinced that she is guilty.

Since leaving hospital he has been staying next door with his son Tim and wife Sally – but his behaviour has left Sally questioning his proclaimed innocence.

And in tonight’s episode Tim was finally forced to kick his dad out – at Sally’s insistence.

As Tim breached the subject with a series of not so subtle hints, Geoff lost it and blamed Sally – and tried to drive a wedge between his son and daughter-in-law.

Tim was left with no choice but to get rid of his dad due to wife Sally’s persistence

He thundered: “I must be mistaken, I thought this was your house.”

Tim snapped back telling him it was Sally’s house too and he had a home to go to.

Geoff tried to manipulate the situation again, telling Tim: “I thought families were meant to stick together at times like these.

“It hurts to think she might not believe me.”

However Tim remained resolute and Geoff had to back down and go back to Yasmeen’s house – while she languishes in prison.


Fans were overjoyed that Geoff was being kicked out and left alone – especially later when Eileen got through to Tim and made him think twice about his dad’s supposed innocence.

One wrote: “I’m glad Tim was able to get rid of Geoff! #Corrie.”

A second said: “He’s actually going, yay bye Geoff! #Corrie.”

Another added: “#Corrie yes do one Geoff you evil manipulator.”


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