Coronation Street fans predict heartbreak for Alina as guilty Tyrone splurges on a diamond ring


CORONATION Street fans have predicted heartbreak for Alina Pop as guilty Tyrone splurged on a diamond engagement ring.

The mechanic accidentally proposed to Alina Pop in the fallout from Hope’s arson attack earlier this week. 

Tyrone has got himself into a right old mess

Things only got worse when he shared a kiss with Fiz after Hope avoided a sentence at her trial for arson.

Tonight, Tyrone came clean to his colleague Kevin about his kiss with Fiz. 

“I’ve had a moment of madness,” he confessed, telling Kevin everything.

“So you did the dirty on Fiz with Alina, and now you’re doing the dirty on Alina with Fiz,” Kevin asked.

Tyrone cheated on Alina and then proposed to Alina

“It was just one kiss. The whole thing was a mistake,” Tyrone said.

“I am totally committed to Alina,” he insisted. 

At that moment, Tyrone rushed off, telling Kevin there was something he needed to do.

Later in the episode, Tyrone returned to Alina’s flat and presented her with a diamond engagement ring.

When she looked shocked, he said: “I don’t care what it costs. You’re worth it, every penny.”

But fans were left predicting disaster for the couple.

One tweeted: “Alina loves tyrone so much and she said she said that she trusted him with no hesitation or anything.”

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Another added: “This isn’t going to end well for Alina!”

A third chimed in: “Tyrone wyd???? You can’t be serious!”

Tyrone appeared to be having doubts over his decision to leave Fiz for Alina in the aftermath of Hope’s trial. 

Tyrone cheated on Alina with Fizz

Tyrone broke down and insisted he’d ruined everyone’s lives.

When Fiz consoled him, Tyrone leaned in for a kiss.

​​When Fiz pulled away, Tyrone expressed regret for leaving her and then leaned in again for a second kiss, which only came to an end thanks to Evelyn bursting in.


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