Coronation Street fans rejoice as Alya kicks evil Geoff out of his house after changing locks to get justice for Yasmeen


CORONATION Street fans rejoiced this evening as Alya kicked evil Geoff out of his house after changing the locks.

Geoff was discharged from hospital after wife Yasmeen attacked him in self defence, and had insisted to son Tim that he wanted to get back to his own home instead of staying with him and Sally.

Fans dubbed Alya a ‘legend’ for her actions

However, he was caught off-guard when he couldn’t open his front door – with Alya and her boyfriend Ryan appearing at the window and saying that as the house also belongs to her grandma, she has every right to stay there.

She also said that she wouldn’t let Geoff return unless he confessed to abusing Yasmeen and saved her from prison.

Geoff protested his innocence, with Yasmeen also refusing to admit that he had been controlling and tormenting her behind closed doors.

However, fans were thrilled to see Alya wipe Geoff’s smile from his face – with others hoping that she will end up discovering Geoff’s hidden cameras to prove that he is guilty.

Geoff couldn’t get into his home
Viewers hope he will get found out soon

One wrote: “Alya is coming close to LEGEND status at this point”.

Another added: “Alya has changed the locks! You go girl!”

A third shared: “When will Alya discover the hidden cameras that Geoff spied on Yasmeen with??”


Fans of Corrie have been left heartbroken by the soap’s huge coercive control storyline that saw evil Geoff torment his wife, isolate her from her loved ones and chip away at her self-esteem for over a year.

In one particularly harrowing scene, Geoff cooked Yasmeen’s beloved pet chicken Charlotte and fed it to her before revealing the animal’s identity.

The abuse came to an explosive head at the beginning of this month with a special episode focusing entirely on Yasmeen and Geoff’s relationship.

Yasmeen is in prison for attacking Geoff
The villain had been abusing her for over a year

The storyline came to a head as Geoff threatened his wife with a knife, forcing the terrified character to defend herself with a glass bottle that broke and slashed his neck.

She watched on in terror as he collapsed bleeding to the floor, before calling the operator and admitting she’d killed her husband – unaware that he had actually survived.

Viewers were left fuming when Yasmeen was then arrested for the attempted murder of her husband and refused bail.


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