Coronation Street fans sob as Emma Brooker tells terminally ill Curtis she loves him


CORONATION Street fans are crying tears of joy after Emma Brooker discovered the truth about Curtis – and told him she loved him.

The barmaid – who is played by actress Alexandra Mardell in the ITV soap – finally got her man after being left heartbroken when he dumped her on Monday.

Coronation Street fans were in tears as Emma Booker confessed her love for terminally ill Curtis
Curtis came clean to Emma about his condition

In tonight’s episode she discovered the truth about why he split – finding out he hadn’t met someone else and instead was hiding a terminal illness that could kill him at any time.

But when Curtis left on her say so, she quickly had regrets and used dad Steve’s cab radio to get in touch with Curtis to ask for another go of things.

Getting on the radio, she said: “I’m so sorry about before, I’m not that brilliant at thinking on my feet. 

“I’m like a good cup of tea – you’ve got to let me stew for a bit, leg the bag brew. 

“I need to think about stuff and I need to let it settle before I say what I feel. 

“But when I do and I let the tea brew and I get all my thoughts settled, I can say what I mean, what I really mean and it will be the honest truth. 

“And my honest truth is don’t go. Please, I know you didn’t trick me or lie to get me into your affections. 

“I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is to talk about your stuff, and I know that ending it with me was to protect me. 

“I get it now. You didn’t want to hurt me, and that was really sweet but it’s too late – I love you. I do, I already love you. 

“You make me happy. And that’s it really, over.”

Later Emma was devastated thinking Curtis hadn’t got her message, until he walked into the Rovers and told her he felt the same way.

The scenes gave fans all the feels.

One wrote: “Awww I’m praying for Emma and Curtis. #corrie”

A second said: “Emma and Curtis are so cute…they deserve to be happy.”

Another added: “Emma and Curtis are simply adorable. I was left in tears tonight.”

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