Coronation Street fans spot blunder as Robert STILL hasnt had a funeral seven weeks after his death


CORONATION Street fans spotted a major blunder as Robert Preston still hasn’t had a funeral seven weeks after his death.

Robert was one of the three shot by Derek Milligan after he went on a gun-toting rampage across Weatherfield.

Robert Preston was killed off at Christmas

But it appears bosses have forgotten about have forgotten about the whole drama as he still hasn’t had an on-screen funeral.

Fans are confused about the omission, with one person saying: “I feel like with him being quite a big part of the show for the last couple of years that it’s weird to see that people on the street haven’t really been effected by his death all that much or mentioned him that much is kind of weird.

“The street was more bothered about Michelle leaving I feel. Anyone else think he deserved a better send-off?”

Another added: “It’s a shame we didn’t see the funeral. I would have liked to have seen the final farewells from Vicky, Tyler, Ryan, Ali. Tracey and even Michelle. Such a massive story line went out on a whimper.”

His wedding ended up being a disaster
He was also conned out of the Bistro

A third said: “Tracy tried to add his death to her list of excuses as to why she cheated on Steve, but that’s about it in terms of any mourning for Robert. He was effectively erased with the sale of the bistro”

Robert’s exit from the soap came at the end of several big storylines.

His affair with Vicky was exposed by fiance Michelle, who left him at the altar after convincing him to sign his half of the bistro over to him.

Then on Christmas Day tragedy struck when Robert was gunned down while walking back to the Rovers to meet Michelle.


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