Coronation Street fans terrified for Leanne Battersby as police force her to go undercover to bring down evil Harvey


CORONATION Street fans were terrified for Leanne Battersby after police forced her to go undercover to bring down evil drug dealer Harvey. 

The grieving mum – who is played by actress Jane Danson in the ITV soap – was arrested for drug dealing earlier this week after going to the police for help. 

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Coronation Street’s Leanne Battersby is played by Jane Dawson

But in tonight’s episode, Leanne was in for yet another huge shock as she was questioned by an officer.

Leanne explained again that she’d been dragged into Harvey’s criminal gang after doing a deal to save her son Simon from the same fate.

But the officer knew she was lying about Simon never having dealt the drugs and told her: “Miss Battersby we’ve been investigating this gang for a while now so we know how they operate. Grooming young people is what they do. Believe me I’m not here to get Simon in trouble.”

Shocked, Leanne asked: “Well then we are you here? Why can’t I go home?”

She found herself in jail after trying to get help from the police

But the police officer had a bombshell to drop on her – he wanted her to go undercover to bring down Harvey and his gang.

“Because we need your help to get men like Harvey,” he said.

“And those in the chain of command off the streets. We just need a little more evidence. Then we can close them down permanently. And that’s where you come in.

“What we need is specific information about where and when those drugs are coming in.

Police arrested her for dealing drugs after she tried to protect her son Simon

“All we’re trying to do at this stage is ascertain whether you’d be capable of being a registered source,” he added.

But Leanne, who was aghast, stuttered: “Well no, I wouldn’t.”

The officer shrugged and said: “Okay, in which case I can charge you and get you released on bail now.”

But police shocked viewers when it asked her to go undercover

When he added that the information the police had probably wouldn’t be enough to get Harvey sent to prison, Leanne realised she had no choice but to go undercover. 

Corrie fans were left fearing the worst for poor Leanne, and flocked to Twitter. 

One tweeted: “Can’t wait for the exciting new Corrie spin-off, ‘Leanne Battersby 007: License to Spill’…”

Another added: “I got a bad feeling Leanne.”

A third chimed in: “Something is definitely gonna go wrong either Leanne Simon or Nick will be killed!”

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