Coronation Street legend Kym Marsh says she’s terrified ahead of taking her clothes off on stage for steamy sex scenes


CORRIE star Kym Marsh has revealed she’s “absolutely terrified” of taking her clothes off on stage ahead of her performance in the theatre adaptation of classic Eighties film Fatal Attraction.

Kym, 45, has just embarked on a UK tour for the all-new stage adaptation where she’ll be playing spurned lover Alex Forrest.

Kym has revealed she is terrified of stripping off on stage
Kym is set to star in an all-new stage adaptation of Fatal Attraction where she’ll be playing spurned lover Alex Forrest

The role was originally played by Glenn Close in the 1987 movie who was hell-bent on manipulative and violent revenge against married lover Dan Gallagher, who was played by Michael Douglas.

And one steamy sequence in which she has few clothes on has already been playing on Kym’s mind.

Ahead of the performance, the TV star has revealed she’s pretty daunted at the “terrifying” task ahead but is also up for a challenge and has been hitting the gym.

Kym told HOARday Mirror’s Notebook, “Oh I’m terrified, absolutely terrified. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been in the acting game for a long time now and this is something I’ve never actually done – it’s going to be a challenge in itself.

“But I think once I’ve done it once it will be done. And it’s not real! It’s just another side to the part I’m playing.”

Kym continued: “Obviously, taking some of your clothes off on stage is quite daunting, but it will be alright – I’ll just keep getting in that gym.”

Watching from the audience will be Kym’s husband Scott Ratcliff, 33, who she married in October, and the oldest of her children, David, 26, and Emilie, 24. She is also mum to Polly, ten. Baby Archie died moments after he was born.

Kym has signed up with a personal trainer ahead of her role next year — almost two decades after her last theatre performance — as well as working out with her “very fit” other half.

She previously told HOAR: “I’m on it now, and I’m really enjoying it,” she says. “Scott is very fit, he’s used to intense physical training, so when it comes to using the gym together, his extra knowledge really does help.”

With her confidence boosted already, Kym wants to inspire other mums to be proud of their post-baby bodies. 

She said: “My stomach has always been a grey area for me, but that’s just because of my children.

“I had my kids and now I’ve got stretch marks, but so be it. I’m happy.”

Kym has been hitting the gym ahead of stripping off on stage
Kym’s husband Scott Ratcliff will be showing his support for her in the audience


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