Coronation Street: Michelles revenge plan explained Robert will have a huge surprise on his wedding day


CORONATION Street has confirmed that Michelle is set to get her revenge as Robert is stunned by a huge surprise on his birthday.

Michelle – played by Kym Marsh – is determined to destroy Robert after finding out about his dirty two-timing but will her fiancee get what he deserves? Here’s everything we know about her revenge so far…

Michelle will jilt Robert at the altar in Coronation Street

How will Michelle get revenge on Robert?

Coronation Street has confirmed that Roberts web of lies will come to an explosive head on his wedding day this month.

A furious Michelle will get her sweet revenge when she agrees to go ahead with the wedding despite discovering what her dodgy fiancee has been up to.

But little does Robert know that Michelle has a sneaky surprise waiting for him on the day.

Robert will be lost for words as he is publicly shamed by Michelle before she brutally jilts him at the altar.

And the Sun Online exclusively revealed last month that Robert will actually face a double whammy as a furious Michelle is also set to scam the love rat out of the Bistro.

Things are set to heat up as Robert suggests taking the bistro up a notch and creating a franchise – and a scheming Michelle is quick to agree.

Michelle will scam Robert out of the Bistro in Coronation Street

What has Robert done?

The ITV soap fans have watched in horror as Robert has been romancing pregnant Vicky Jefferies right behind Michelles back for months.

The sneaky fiancee has been desperately trying to stop both women from finding out about the other, convincing Vicky to keep her baby news secret.

The love rat has also managed to convince Michelle to have a secret wedding, claiming that it’s more romantic.

But in an episode this week Michelles suspicions were aroused after Robert was admitted to hospital following a gruesome car crash, and deliriously asked her about the baby.

Michelle is set to do some more digging, and discover his affair after she follows him to Vickys along with wingwoman and cousin Carla.

Michelle is leaving Coronation Street after 13 years

When is Michelle leaving?

It was revealed earlier this year that the Corrie star would be leaving her character behind after playing the cobbles Michelle for the last 13 years.

And last week Kym spoke out to confirm that her Corrie departure will be very soon.

Speaking to Philip Schofield on This morning, the actress teased that she knows when Michelles final scenes will air: I do know, probably cant say. But its soon, coming very soon.

Could the long-suffering character get her revenge and say a victorious farewell to the cobbles on her wedding day?

Fans of the ITV soap will have to tune in to find out when exactly Michelle is exiting Weatherfield, as exact details are being kept firmly under wraps for now.

What will happen to Vicky and Robert?

Recent images teased that Vicky will lash out at Robert after discovering he has been cheating on her with Michelle Connor in an explosive showdown.

Vicky and her son Tyler will unleash their anger on Robert for pretending to have broken up with Michelle and making her keep her baby news hidden.

Last month, the Sun Online exclusively revealed that Roberts luck is only set to worsen when hes brought in for questioning by the police and accused of murdering her.

But will a desperate Robert really kill pregnant Vicky after their furious showdown?

EastEnders viewers will have to wait and see, as details of Roberts future are being kept firmly under wraps for now.

  • Coronation Street is on ITV, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm


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