Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor and Adam Barlow’s sex secret discovered by Daniel Osbourne as Peter proposes


CORONATION Street’s 60th anniversary episodes will see Connor and Adam Barlow’s sex secret uncovered by Daniel Osbourne.

Carla slept with Adam behind Peter Barlow’s back in the ITV soap after he relapsed into alcoholism.

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Peter proposes to Carla

A guilty Carla later admitted that she’d cheated, but didn’t tell Peter that the mystery man was his own nephew Adam. 

Viewers were horrified when Peter’s relapse into alcoholism, which was brought on by a terrifying carjacking, drove Carla into Adam’s arms.

Carla was unsympathetic when Peter turned down her offer of a night in a hotel together and turned to booze instead.  

Daniel discovers Adam and Carla’s secret
Peter accuses Carla of sleeping with Daniel

A rejected Carla headed to lunch with Adam and Sarah, offering them the room instead with the hope that the former couple would reunite.

But when Sarah ended up leaving, Carla and Adam ended up using the room after growing closer over their separate relationship issues. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Adam and Carla go to great lengths to keep their shocking secret. 

Peter, who Leanne will have persuaded to persevere with Carla, apologises to her for his paranoia. 

Carla tries to get through to Peter
Peter down whisky in front of Carla

But he shocks the life out of Carla when he gets down on one knee and proposes, revealing he’s booked a blessing in Kefalonia. 

Meanwhile, Peter’s brother Daniel learns the truth about what Carla has been up to and confronts Adam.

When Daniel learns that Peter has proposed how will he react?

Might Carla and Adam’s secret come bursting out?

Later in the week, Peter prepares for the wedding but he’s unsettled when Jenny mentions she saw Carla at Daniel’s flat. 

Peter’s suspicions grow further when he sees Carla and Daniel whispering later in the Rovers. 

Flying into a rage, Peter accuses them of having an affair. 

How will Carla worm her way out of this one?

Later, Carla tries to get through to Peter, but he turns on self-destruct mode, unscrewing the bottle and taking a swig right under her nose.


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