Coronation Street spoilers: Cathy Matthews breaks down over death threats after she is exposed as Steve McDonald’s troll


CATHY Matthews breaks down over death threats after she is exposed as Stave McDonald’s troll next week in Coronation Street. 

Cathy accused Steve of stealing from Oliver’s fund under the screen name ‘Lemon Drop’ after Tracy insulted her in the ITV soap. 

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Cathy is horrified to find a funeral wreath on the Kabin doorstep

But next week, Cathy will continue to face backlash from her friends and family over the incident.

As Brian, Cathy and Bernie return from lunch at Speed Daal, Cathy gets a call from Dev telling her to stay away from the kebab shop until the customers forget what she’s done. 

Later, Cathy is horrified when she finds a funeral wreath on the Kabin doorstep and realises she’s been sent a death threat. 

Cathy marches over to confront Tracy about the wreath, but Tracy denies all knowledge and delivers some harsh truths. 

Cathy is devastated by the death threat
Cathy tells Brian she’s leaving the cobbles and disappears

Brian reports Cathy’s online abuse to Craig, who explains there’s not much the police can do about the situation. 

Brian despairs when Cathy announces she wants to leave the cobbles, and begs her not to go. 

But Brian’s words are to no avail as later, he tells Yasmeen that she’s gone missing – and that he’s going to report her disappearance to the police. 

Viewers know that Brian initially took the blame for Cathy’s vile trolling of Steve after Amy and Aadi tracked ‘Lemon Drop’ down.

But this week, Cathy will finally come clean after someone flings a brick through the Kabin window. 

At the end of her tether, Cathy rushes to find Tracy and Dev and admits she was the troll online, not Brian.

Cathy is devastated when the residents of Weatherfield start turning against her one by one.

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