Coronation Street spoilers: Chesney horrified as Gemma leaves the quads alone on a bus


GEMMA Winter terrifies Chesney next week in Coronation Street when she has an anxiety attack and leaves the quads alone on a bus.

The new mum – who’s played by Dolly-Rose Campbell on the ITV soap – then confides in Chesney about her mental health struggles.

Chesney races after the bus when Gemma leaps off and leaves the quads on there alone

Corrie viewers have watched Gemma struggle with her quads ever since she gave birth to them in a cable car high up above a Welsh seaside town. 

On top of struggling with the babies, the poor mum is also being bullied by other snobby mums at her baby and parenting group after falling asleep once during storytime. 

Gemma has convinced herself she’s a terrible mother – but that it would be a weakness to ask for help – so she continues to suffer in silence. 

Last week her anxiety came to a nasty head when she had a terrifying dream that saw her put baby Aled in the washing machine. 

Gemma woke the next day – exhausted – and unable to tell if the event was real or a nightmare. 

Gemma’s latest incident saw her lock herself outside while the quads cried incessantly from the house. 

But when mum Bernie came to her rescue and then took her to see the doctor, she downplayed her symptoms and insisted she was just tired. 

Rita helps Gemma confide in Chesney

In next week’s episodes of Coronation Street, Gemma returns home and is distraught to find Bernie packing her things to move out. 

Before she goes, Bernie begs Chesney to keep an eye on Gemma. 

Chesney then has a deep chat with Gemma and tries to get her to open up, but she insists everything is fine and dandy. 

Later in the week, Gemma boards a bus with the quads but suddenly has an anxiety attack and rushes off the bus. 

Watching in horror, Chesney sprints after the bus and rescues the babies. 

Worried about Gemma’s mental health, Chesney is at a loss what to do and rings Bernie for advice. 

Chesney is supportive and suggests Gemma should visit the medical centre

Later, Chesney and Bernie team up to talk to Gemma about the bus incident, but she can’t cope with the confrontation and storms out. 

Rita finds Gemma sitting alone in Victoria Garden and Gemma opens up about her struggles and dark feelings. 

Gemma returns home and finally confides in Chesney thanks to Rita’s advice. 

Gemma admits that she’s lost control and needs help looking after the quads.

Chesney is supportive and suggests Gemma should go to the medical centre. 

Speaking about her character’s mental health storyline to Digital Spy, Dolly-Rose said: “Gemma has no idea that this may be a medical problem – she does not know that at this stage.

“Bernie knows her better than anyone and it is going to take someone close to her to recognise what she is going through and that this is more than just struggling with the babies, she does need real help to get through this.”


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