Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne arrested after smashing up a pawn brokers when his laptop is stolen


CORONATION Streets Daniel Osbourne is arrested after smashing up a pawn brokers after Sinead Tinkers laptop is stolen in an upcoming episode.

The widowers downward spiral is set to worsen in an upcoming episode as a thief burgles the laptop Sinead used to record videos for Bernie during her funeral.

Daniel will be arrested after smashing up a pawn broker’s in pursuit of his laptop

Daniels world came crashing down in Coronation Street when beloved wife Sinead passed away after a battle with cancer in a brutal hour long special last month.

Daniel then swapped the cobbles for Scotland to grieve with his baby son Bertie after a clash with Beth Tinker over his affair with Bethany Platt, which Bethany discovered while on her death bed.

However, in upcoming episodes things seem to be looking up as Daniel makes it home in time for the funeral and says a final and tearful farewell to his late wife.

Daniel has also been finding comfort in a series of emotional videos that Sinead filmed on his laptop for Bertie before she died – so that he grows up knowing how much she loves him.

Daniel has been on a downward spiral since Sinead lost her cancer battle
Daniel will make it home in time for Sinead’s funeral

But in the upcoming episodes Daniel will head home after the wake in the Rovers and be stunned to find that his flat has been broken into and trashed.

As Daniel takes refuge at Kens, Peter calls the police and realises that Daniels laptop with videos of Sinead has been snatched.

Daniel is devastated to discover that the videos keeping Sinead’s memory alive are gone and struggles to cope with his grief.

Taking matters into his own hands, he rushes to pawn shops in the area with Sinead’s cousin Craig to search for his laptop.

And when Daniel spots a laptop that looks like his in a cabinet, he flies into a rage and smashes the glass with a golf club.

When the police arrive at the pawn shop to arrest Daniel, he realises the laptop isnt his and breaks down into tears but can Craig and Peter persuade the shop owner to drop the charges?

Find out by tuning into Corrie next week.

  • Coronation Street is on ITV, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm


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