Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne steals from Geoff to help pay off Nicky’s debts after sleeping with her


DANIEL Osbourne steals from Geoff Metcalfe to help Nicky pay off her debts and quit her job as a sex worker next week in Coronation Street. 

The grieving husband will grow determined to help Nicky out after they sleep together and catch feelings for one another. 

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Kirk tells Daniel that Beth is worried about Bertie

Viewers know that Daniel has been finding comfort in the company of sex worker Nicky following the death of his wife Sinead. 

Things began to look bleak for Daniel when Nicky began to distance herself from him when she realised he was getting too attached. 

But next week’s episodes of Corrie will see a besotted Nicky arrives at Daniel’s flat with lunch and says there’s a job going at her aunt’s B&B.

Daniel reassures Kirk that he won’t be replacing Sinead with a sex worker

She tells Daniel that she’d love to take it, but that first she’d need to clear her debts.

Nicky then thanks Daniel for helping her to follow her dreams again and leans in closer, but will Daniel pull away?

Later, Daniel says goodbye to a besotted Nicky outside the tram stop. 

Daniel rages at Geoff for taking advantage of vulnerable sex workers

After Nicky heads off, Daniel is stopped in his tracks by Kirk who says Beth is worried about Bertie. 

An irate Daniel promises that he’s not going to replace Sinead with a sex worker. 

Later in the week, Adam  is shocked to hear that Nicky and Daniel slept together and advises him to steer clear of her. 

Daniel hands Nicky an envelope of cash

Daniel later asks Nicky if she’d like a proper relationship with him and suggests he could help her quit her job.

Later, Geoff, who’s been released by the police, rush into Adam’s office and ask for dirt on Yasmeen’s case.

But Daniel, who’s visiting Adam, looks at Geoff with contempt and can’t help but have a go at him for using vulnerable sex workers. 

Nicky is overwhelmed by Daniel’s offer

Geoff storms out but leaves behind an envelope of money.

Later, Geoff returns looking for his missing envelope – but it’s nowhere to be seen. 

Meanwhile, Nicky is stunned when Daniel, who’s visiting him in hospital, hands her a huge envelope of cash. 

Will she accept it?

Later, an angry Geoff rages at Alya in the middle of the street and accuses her of stealing his money as Daniel and Adam watch from afar.

Later, Adam questions Daniel about the envelope, but Daniel denies ever having seen it. 

Adam says he believes him, but warns that Geoff isn’t to be messed with.

Is Daniel heading down a slippery slope?


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