Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt sleeps with Alina after Shona demands a divorce


CORONATION Street’s David Platt is poised for more heartache when he moves on with Alina after Shona demands a divorce.

Brain-dead Shona couldn’t remember who David was after she was caught in the ITV soap’s Christmas Day mass shooting horror.

Corrie viewers watched David’s world come crashing down when his wife Shona was shot last Christmas by an unhinged Derek Milligan during his violent rampage.

While in hospital, her health took a turn for the worse and she ended up in a coma – much to her family’s dismay.

To make matters worse, when Shona woke up it became clear she’d suffered from memory loss and couldn’t remember who David was.

Fans will remember that she caused even more damage when she mistook Max for Clayton.

A heartbroken David went to desperate measures to jog his wife’s memory, sitting by her side and playing recordings of Max and Lily.

He even tried showing her photos of their wedding album – but nothing seemed to work.

This week, David is set for more heartbreak as Shona refuses to see him.

And he receives a further blow when he discovers that she’s been in contact with her murderer son Clayton.

Next week’s episodes will see David visit Clayton in prison and beg him to leave Shona alone.

But Clayton assures him that’s never going to happen, clearly enjoying David’s misery.

David tells Nick and Gail how Clayton has been poisoning Shona against him.

Nick attempts to go and visit her to make her see sense but she refuses to see him.

Later, David tells Maria that Shona has done him a favour by asking for a divorce and that she’s made it easy for him to move on.

David heads for a drink and sets his sights on Alina in Victoria Garden, who looks upset.

David sits down next to her and offers her a beer.

When she says yes, there’s a clear spark between the pair.

Before she can stop him, David texts Nick claiming that Alina’s ill and that she needs the rest of the day off.

Later, after a bust up with Seb in the Rovers over Alina, Nick urges David not to give up on his wife.

A distraught David then bursts into tears.

Will he get Shona back?


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