Coronation Street spoilers: Dev forced to sell the kebab shop over spiralling debt problems as Asha reunites with Corey


DEV Alahan is forced to sell the kebab shop next week in Coronation Street as his spiralling debt problems get out of control. 

The devoted father has been struggling financially ever since he forked out for private school fees to give Asha – who was at the centre of a hard-hitting revenge-porn storyline – a new start.

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Dev sells the kebab shop

Dev made the decision to send Asha and Aadi to private school Oakhill after discovering that Asha was getting picked on by her peers at Weatherfield High in the wake of the drama. 

Mary tried to warn Dev that paying for private school on top of the extortionate fees he was already handing out to the reputation management company could leave him bankrupt.

But Dev insisted that his family’s wellbeing was more important and insisted on getting them to Oakhill.

Aadi finds Corey at their house with Asha
Aadi debates over whether to tell Dev

But next week’s episodes of Corrie will see things worsen for Dev as he shows an estate agent round the kebab shop.

When Asha and Aadi realise what Dev is up to, they exchange worried glances. 

Later, Cathy and Bernie are shocked to realise that Dev is selling up and that they could be out of work. 

When Mary gets wind of the situation, she shares her concerns with Dev and suggests he take the children out of private school. 

But Dev insists he has to put his family first and tells Mary he won’t reconsider selling the kebab shop.

Later, Dev is furious when he spots Asha and Corey kissing in the ginnel. 

Later, Nina tells Asha she can do better than Corey.

And later, Aadi is horrified when he arrives home to find Corey at the house with Asha.

Will Asha jeopardise the fresh start her dad is going to such great lengths to get her?


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