Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter sparks concerns she’s suffering from depression after meeting ex bully Vanessa


GEMMA Winter sparks concerns that she’s suffering from postnatal depression again next week in Coronation Street after meeting up with her former bully Vanessa. 

Gemma was stunned to receive contact from her old enemy Vanessa this week in the ITV soap.

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Gemma meets up with her former bully Vanessa

Viewers will remember that Gemma struggled with postnatal depression in the wake of the birth of her four quads. 

To make matters worse, class leader Vanessa and her friend Imogen made Gemma’s life hell at her parent and baby group, mocking and bullying the new mum. 

The cruel women were quick to mock Gemma’s parenting skills, and later plied her with alcohol in order to have a good laugh as their bullying came to a nasty head. 

Gemma sets up an online parent and baby group after meeting Vanessa

But when Gemma received contact from Vanessa via her vlog this week on the soap, Gemma ignored Chesney’s warnings and agreed to a video chat with her former bully. 

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Gemma ignore Bernie’s warnings and meet up in person with her Vanessa. 

What will Vanessa want?

After returning home, Gemma announces that she’s going to set up an online mother and baby group. 

Bernie and Cathy voice Paul’s concerns that Gemma is struggling with depression again

Bernie worries about Gemma mixing with Vanessa again after what happened last time. 

Later in the week, Paul suggests doing something for his 30th birthday, but Billy says he won’t be able to make it as he’s hosting an online quiz for the church. 

When Paul heads off, Billy calls Gemma and assures her that Billy doesn’t suspect a thing. 

Gemma explains that she’s organising a surprise birthday party for Paul

And when Paul suggests doing a karaoke night for their joint birthday, Gemma also disappoints him when she makes out she can’t leave the quads. 

Later, Gemma hosts her first mother and baby zoom chat.

Later in the week, Paul calls at the kebab shop and tells Bernie and Cathy that he’s worried Gemma has been acting weirdly.

Paul admits he’s concerned that she might be suffering from postnatal depression again. 

Later, Bernie and Cathy chat to Gemma and tell her that Paul is worried about her, but Gemma tells them she’s been acting weirdly because she’s planning a surprise birthday for Paul – and that she’s not depressed.

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