Coronation Street spoilers: Grieving Daniel Osbourne refuses to return to Weatherfield for Sineads funeral


DANIEL Osbourne will leave his friends and family shocked in Coronation Street next week when he reveals he wont be returning for dead wife Sineads funeral.

When Sineads aunt Beth reveals a hideous memorial angel that shes ordered for the grave, a horrified Ken manages to contact Daniel in Scotland.

Corrie’s Daniel Osbourne refuses to return to Weatherfield for Sineads funeral

But will he be able to convince him to return to Weatherfield?

Kens worried that Daniel will regret his decision not to come back for Sineads burial. Claudia soon takes charge and insists they must go to Scotland and bring him back.

Will they succeed in their mission?

It looks like they will as spoiler pictures released yesterday showed a grieving Daniel sobbing as Sineads colourful coffin is carried into church.

He crouches down beside her grave at one point
Sinead’s wicker coffin was decorated with colourful ribbons and flowers

The cast of the ITV soap have been seen on set filming the sad scenes after Sinead lost her battle with cervical cancer during Friday’s episode.

Her death means Daniel – played by Rob Mallard – has to raise their son Bertie alone, and he clearly looks overwhelmed as he stands beside the funeral flowers for his late wife.

His eyes red with tears, Daniel looks smark in a blue suit as he tries to gather his thoughts, before crouching beside where Sinead is buried and clutching his hands together.

In other pictures released from the set, Sinead’s wicker coffin can be seen being carried into the church, with colourful flowers on the top as well as pink, white and green ribbons on the side.

Daniel looks crestfallen as he stands by Sinead’s grave
He crouches down beside her grave at one point

Heartbreakingly, there is also a floral display which reads ‘Mummy’, and the baby who plays Bertie was seen on set.

The cast had to deal with some pretty damp weather conditions to film the scenes, with Rob and his co-stars Bill Roache and Colson Smith just some of the actors who were seen wearing big waterproof jackets to keep warm between takes.

Vicar Billy Mayhew, played by Daniel Brocklebank, brought a little light relief to the proceedings as did Chesney actor Sam Aston who had a little laugh.

On Friday, viewers were left heartbroken as Sinead finally lost her battle to cervical cancer.


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