Coronation Street spoilers: Michelle Connor suffers a breakdown after discovering Ray is the bistros mystery buyer


CORONATION Streets vengeful Michelle Connor sells the Bistro to an anonymous buyer as she plans to make a swift exit from the cobbles.

Feisty Michelle was furious to discover her fiancee Roberts affair and has swindled him out of the bistro but in an upcoming episode suffers another blow when she discovers that creepy Ray is the mystery buyer.

Michelle is devastated when she discovers Ray is the bistro’s anonymous buyer

Coronation Street fans know that Michelle has had a number of run ins with sleazy men this year.

Viewers watched the former Rovers barmaid have to fight off a creepy hotelier called Ray.

Ray immediately took a liking to Michelle, offering her a job.

He then invited her up to his hotel room and mapped out plans for a potential franchise while wearing nothing but a robe.

In disturbing scenes, he put a hand on Michelles thigh.

Ray was creepy towards Michelle in Corrie

When Michelle rejected his advances, he told her she wasnt right for his business after all.

Corrie fans will also know that poor Michelle has been up against another sleazy man – her fiancee Robert Preston.

She discovered he had been two-timing her with his other fiancee Vicky Jefferies.

Michelle was quick to plot her revenge, agreeing to marry him so she could brutally jilt him at the altar.

She has also swindled him out of the bistro.

Michelle bursts into tears when she realises the buyer is Ray

In upcoming episodes, shes set to sell the bistro to an anonymous buyer in a rush to bid farewell to the cobbles.

Michelle will be disappointed that the offer is near half of the asking price but Carla advises her to consider for a quick sale.

In further upcoming episodes, tensions are high after the horror shooting.

Michelle gets her stuff together as she plans to leave the cobbles.

Michelle is set to leave the cobbles and hand over her keys to the buyer

In scenes yet to air, Michelle heads to the bistro to hand over the keys to the new owner.

But Michelle is horrified when she realises who the mystery buyer is.

Discovering its creepy hotelier Ray, Michelle sets about smashing the place.

When Carla orders her to stop, Michelle breaks down and bursts into tears.

Can she bring herself to leave the bistro to the brute?


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