Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow put on the transplant list as his health falters again


PETER Barlow is put on the transplant list next week in Coronation Street as his health falters again. 

The alcoholic was recently told his liver is failing after years of battling his addiction – but that he may not be eligible for a liver transplant. 

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Peter is put on the transplant list

But next week, Daniel will be thrilled to hear that Peter is finally on the transplant list. 

Peter, however, remains cautious and warns everyone not to get their hopes up just yet. 

Will Peter make a recovery after all?

Daniel is thrilled but Peter warns him not to get his hopes up

This week, Peter will insist on racing against time and tying the knot with Carla after he’s told he may not be eligible for the transplant. 

When Daniel spots that Peter seems to be deteriorating, he suggests postponing the wedding, but Peter refuses and orders Daniel to put on a suit and attend the wedding as best man.

Meanwhile, Carla appears in the cafe in her wedding dress and asks Roy if he’d do her the honour of giving her away. 

Carla and Peter race against time to tie the knot this week
Peter deteriorates as he’s reading his vows

When Peter stumbles on the way to the car, Peter tells him they should be heading to the hospital rather than his wedding, but Peter orders Daniel to drive him to his wedding. 

Peter finally arrives at the hotel with Daniel in tow.

But as Peter and Carla read out their own vows, it’s clear Peter is struggling.

A worried Carla urges the registrar to speed up proceedings.

Will they manage to tie the knot?


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