Coronation Street spoilers: Pregnant Vicky Jefferies attacks Robert Preston after discovering he cheated on her


CORONATION Streets Vicky Jefferies will lash out at Robert after discovering he has been cheating on her with Michelle Connor.

In upcoming scenes Vicky – played by Kerri Quinn in the ITV soap – will unleash her anger at Robert for pretending to have split from Michelle and making her keep her baby a secret.

Vicky’s son Tyler sees red when he discovers Robert has been two-timing Vicky

Of course Corrie fans will already know that Robert – whos played by star Tristan Gemmill – has been romancing both Michelle and Vicky behind their backs for months.

The love rat has been going to desperate lengths to keep his relationship going with Michelle and be a father to pregnant Vickys baby – without either of the women finding out.

The chef has somehow managed to convince Vicky that he has split from Michelle, cruelly persuading her to keep their baby news a secret so as not to remind Michelle of the horrible moment she lost her son Ruairi in 2017.

Meanwhile, hes managed to make Michelle agree to a secret wedding, claiming it will be more romantic.

Vicky is furious when she discovers Robert is still romancing Michelle

Coronation Street has already confirmed that Roberts double life will be laid bare when he is left fighting for his life in hospital after a horrific car crash.

In the upcoming episodes, Robert will attempt to sort out his mess but his efforts will only land him in more trouble.

Upon discovering that Robert hasnt split from lover Michelle, Vicky sees red and in explosive showdown scenes she flies at him in a rage.

Her delinquent teenage son Tyler is also furious with the way he has treated his mother and starts throwing punches at Robert.

After confronting him about his lies, a devastated Vicky then angrily orders Robert to leave.

Last month, the Sun Online exclusively revealed that things are only going to get worse for Robert as he is arrested under suspicion of murdering Vicky.

When Vicky disappears after their furious showdown, Robert is brought in for questioning by the police and accused of murdering her but could he really have killed pregnant Vicky?

  • Coronation Street is on ITV, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm


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