Coronation Street spoilers: Ray Crosby disappears as his development is cancelled and Debbie is suspected of murder


RAY Crosby disappears next week in Coronation Street as his development plans are cancelled and the Chairperson of the planning committee is arrested on suspicion of bribery. 

Debbie will find herself in hot water in the ITV soap when the police trace the emergency call about Abi back to Debbie’s phone. 

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Debbie insists she had no idea what Ray was up to

Viewers will see Roy tell Debbie that the Chairperson of the planning committee has been arrested on suspicion of bribery – and that Ray seems to have done a runner.

Debbie swears blind that she knew nothing about the bribery or Ray’s attack on Faye.

Later in the week, as the truth about Abi’s ordeal with Ray comes out, Debbie continues to claim she was in the dark. 

Has Debbie killed off Ray and has Abi survived?

The police trace the emergency call back to Debbie’s phone

Later, Sally reveals the planning committee have revoked Ray’s application and all their houses are safe.

Debbie breaks the news to Sally and David, and assures David that she’ll sell his house back to him at the original price.

Later, Debbie persuades Kevin to let her sign the garages back to him, telling him he can keep the sum of money he was paid. 

Disaster strikes, however, when the police trace the emergency call about Abi back to Debbie’s phone.

Debbie tells the residents their houses are safe

Debbie tells the police she found Abi unconscious on the bistro floor and assumed she’d overdosed so called an ambulance.

Has Debbie murdered Ray?

Debbie will find Abi drugged and sprawled on the bistro floor this week in the soap after she records Ray discussing his crimes with Susan and threatens to expose him if he doesn’t confess to attacking Faye. 

But Abi bites off more than she can chew, and Ray ends up drugging her at the Rovers and dragging her back to the bistro, where Debbie bursts into the scene. 

When Debbie tries to ring emergency services, Ray snatches the phone from her hand and tells her to leave him to it. 

Speaking about the scenes, soap boss Ian MacLeod recently told HOAR Online: “There’s some fantastic stuff there where Abi takes Ray on and her life is in a fair amount of jeopardy.

“That, in turn, draws in Kevin and Debbie – as they end up in Ray’s crosshairs as well. 

“There’s a really brilliant power struggle between Debbie and Ray, which has twists and turns – with literal life-or-death jeopardy. It’s all really exciting.”


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