Coronation Street spoilers: Sally and Tim lock horns after major twist in Yasmeen’s stolen money plot


CORONATION Street’s Sally and Tim lock horns in major twist involving Yasmeen’s stolen money.

Sally Metcalfe will make a significant decision concerning her friend’s money as her relationship with husband Tim continues becomes more strained.

Sally and Tim lock horns over Yasmeen’s stolen money

Prior to her arrest, Yasmeen discovered that Geoff used her own money to pay their wedding without speaking to her first.

Sally, who is aware the cash belonged to her friend, will decide to use the money to help Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya Nazir.

Tim who still does not believe the truth about his father, sees Sally opting to support Yasmeen’s family as a betrayal, which serves as another blow to their floundering relationship.

Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally says she does not believe her character will respect Tim until he accepts what his dad has done.

Sally visited Yasmeen in prison to hear her side of the story

Sally will use the money to help Yasmeen granddaughter Alya

She said: “I don’t think Sally would respect Tim if he didn’t come round to accepting what happened, she wouldn’t be able to look at him in the same way again.”

The actress would love Sally to pay a significant role in taking Geoff down as she added: “I’m not surprised by the attention that it’s received, as it’s a story so many people can identify with.

“Everyone at home is rooting for Yasmeen – and I’ll be thrilled if Sally is the one to bring down Geoff.”

Later this week, Corrie fans will see Yasmeen suffer a heart attack.

Sally believes Geoff abused Yasmeen

The character just cannot catch a break as her health takes a turn for the worse and the trauma of going through trial is put on hold.

After being in prison, a groggy and confused Yasmeen wakes up and finds herself in hospital.

Her granddaughter Alya is by her bedside and tells her she’s had a heart attack, but assures her she’s going to be fine and the trial has been postponed.


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