Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah Platt risks her marriage for Adam Barlow for ex Gary Windass


SARAH Platt risks destroying her marriage to Adam Barlow next week in Coronation Street as she battles feelings for her ex Gary Windass.

Sarah’s doubts come after Gary recently admitted that he still loves her in the ITV soap. 

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Sarah and Gary feel torn over their feelings for one another

The loan shark also confessed to killing Rick Neelan but insisted he only did it to save Sarah and the kids.

Sarah then revealed she still had a soft spot for Gary when she kept his killer secret hidden from her curious partner Adam, who’s been suspicious of Gary’s connection to Rick for weeks. 

In scenes set to air later this week, Sarah eventually admits to Adam that if Gary did kill Rick then it was only to protect her. 

David tells Gary he needs to pick between his ex Sarah and fiancee Maria

And sparks fly between Gary and Sarah when he later quizzes her as to what she’s told Adam about the murder.

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Maria and Gary’s wedding day arrive. 

But disaster strikes when everyone starts to notice that both the bride and groom are late. 

Gary admitted he still loves Sarah when he confessed to killing Rick Neelan

Later, Gary is shocked when David pulls him aside and tells him he’s noticed his soft spot for Sarah.

Gary is left wondering what to do when David tells him he needs to make a decision about whether he loves Sarah or Maria. 

Meanwhile, Sarah also feels torn over her feelings for Gary and frets over her marriage to Adam. 

Will Gary and Maria tie the knot?

Later in the week, Sarah is left fuming when she overhears Paul and Alina gossiping about the state of her marriage.

Has the news about her connection with Gary spread?

And will Adam find out that she still has feelings for her ex?

Corrie boss Ian MacLeod has warned that Gary should be worried about Adam plotting against him after discovering his killer secret. 

Speaking to Inside Soap, Ian said: “Adam is secretly conspiring against him, which will threaten to lead Adam, and therefore the authorities, to Rick’s final resting place.”


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