Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy and Peter Barlow go to war to buy Kens house as he leaves the cobbles


TRACY Barlow goes head to head with Peter Barlow to fight for Ken Barlows house when he puts it on the market in Coronation Street.

The soap celebrated its 10,000th episode by shocking fans with the news of Street legend Kens imminent departure.

Adam reveals who the new owners of the house are

Corrie fans know that Steve had a shock when he learned Tracy had cheated on him in the New Year and that the couple have been on rocky ground ever since.

But Steves mother Liz encouraged him to fight for Tracy, reminding him that hed cheated multiple times before.

She told him to stop whining about being a bad husband and that it was time to prove his love for Tracy.

The couple have been trying their hardest to make things work ever since the bombshell about Tracy’s one-night stand was dropped.

Carla tells Peter she’s not that fussed about buying the hosue

In an upcoming episode, Tracy’s latest plan to get cosy with Steve becomes clear asKen gets ready to move out of Number 1 and start a new life with Claudia.

Tracy and Peter are shocked to see a For Sale sign on the house.

Kens adamant hes happy with his decision to head for pastures new.

Tracy immediately sets her sights on the home for her and Steve, but will she be able to persuade her grumpy husband into buying the house?

Steve was shocked to learn Tracy had cheated on him

Later in the week, Peter tells Ken off for letting Tracy take advantage of him and get a bargain.

Peter offers Ken the full market price for the house and looks smug when telling Tracy.

A furious Tracy insists she and Steve will match Peters price, leaving Ken with a difficult dilemma.

Later in the week, Tracy is convinced Peter doesnt have the money for the house and sets about measuring it up.

Carla tells Peter shes not that keen on the house.

But just as he’s about to tell Ken hes dropped out of the race, Tracy winds him up and he changes his mind.

Later in the week, Tracy urges Steve to up their offer on the house to 125k to beat Peter.

While shopping, Tracy takes a sneaky peek at Peters sealed bid for the house while Carla is distracted by a phone call.

The Barlows gather at the house and Adam opens the sealed bids.

While Ken reminisces about the happy times hes spent at the house, theres tension as everyone waits to find out who the new owners will be.

Will it be Tracy and Steve?


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