Coronation Street viewers horrified as vile Jeff forces shaking wife Yasmeen to eat a crab shell


CORONATION Street viewers were left horrified tonight as vile Jeff tried to force his shaking wife Yasmeen to eat a crab shell out of the bin.

The ITV soap is currently dealing with a coercive control storyline which sees Jeff gradually stripping away Yasmeen’s confidence and demeaning her.

Coronation Street viewers were left horrified tonight as vile Jeff tried to force his shaking wife Yasmeen to eat a crab shell out of the bin

Tonight, the couple threw a party to celebrate their impulsive wedding in Las Vegas, but Jeff grew increasingly angry as Yasmeen served a drink to Sally in a dirty wine glass and then failed to dress the crab properly.

After their unsuspecting guests had left, Jeff confronted Yasmeen and claimed Cathy nearly choked on a piece of crab.

While Yasmeen tried to brush the incident off, Jeff became more sinister as he questioned why she didn’t care and asked if the situation was funny to her.

As Yasmeen pressed herself up against the kitchen wall, Jeff then grabbed the large crab shell out of the bin and shoved it up to her mouth, saying: “You said it yourself. It’s no big deal. Eat it.”

Jeff was furious Yasmeen had missed some crab shell in one of her dishes served at the party
Yasmeen shuck as she stood against the kitchen wall as Jeff railed at her
He then threatened her before dropping the crab shell

As he repeatedly demanded she eat it, she shakily replied while looking down at the ground: “I don’t want to.”

Jeff glared at his wife as she shook, before eventually dropping the crab shell and storming off to have a bath, but not before he warned her: “Next time…be more careful.”

Viewers were horrified by the scene, with one writing on Twitter: “I can’t stomach much more of this Geoff in. It’s horrible. #Corrie.But. I guess that’s the point.”

Another tweeted: “In one breath, the actor is obviously playing the part really well because my blood boils every time I watch him with Yasmine….. but in another…. Im not sure how much more of him I can take! Hes a monster!!!!”

Yasmeen was left shaken

Meanwhile a third wrote: “Geoff needs to die. You vile, manipulative, abusive, lying, scheming, deceitful, horridly disgusting little mole man. This is absolutely horrid to watch and it’s making me angry.”

A fourth agreed: “Anyone else find themselves screaming at Geoff on #Corrie??? Seriously, this storyline needs to come to an end soon or Im gonna have to storm the set and bump him off myself!!!”





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