Coronation Street’s Dev Alahan forced to leave one of his twins to die in shock car explosion scenes


CORONATION Street’s Dev Alahan is forced to make a heartbreaking decision that no parent would ever want to make.

Businessman Dev and his children Asha and Aadi will be involved in a horror car crash when Harvey’s prison van smashes into them.

Corrie’s Dev Alahan is forced to choose between his twins as they’re involved in a horror crash
Dev pull Asha to safety after drug dealer Harvey’s prison van smashes into them

Drug dealer Harvey will make his escape and seek revenge on Leanne Battersby for giving evidence against him – leaving other residents stuck in the crossfire.

Harvey’s prison van will smash into Dev’s car as the family head off on a break together.

With the car set to explode, Dev makes a snap decision to pull Asha to safety, leaving Aadi trapped ahead of the explosion which follows.

Dev only has a matter of seconds to react- but will his decision have catastrophic results?


Viewers will be sent on a rollercoaster of emotions and high drama with a catastrophic rain storm, a collapsed sinkhole, fireball car crash, an escaped convict and revenge plans that go anything but to plan.

The week of episodes took two months to film – and involved having huge sets built at a separate film studio, as well as more than 70 filming bubbles formed.

Producer Iain Macleod teased: “What you can expect is truly massive. 

“We talked about doing something in the autumn, where money is no object, we just go nuts, and show Coronation Street is back. 

“I wrote down my outline and I thought there’s no way we can do it, it’s too ambitious. 

“When the crew said yep, I picked my jaw off the floor; we created something visual, dramatic, heartfelt and full of twists which I hope that will have some moments you will never see coming. 

“It’s got spectacular stuff and the end result is anything more ambitious than we have ever done before. 

“It exceeds everything we have done due to the technical elements.”

Fans will watch as drug dealer Harvey escapes prison and returns to the cobbles – as he seeks revenge on Leanne Battersby for putting him behind bars.

Corrie boss Iain teased: “We wanted to do something filmic with him where he is at large and wanting revenge and insert him into this backdrop. 

“The end result is very chilling.”

His vengeance will clash with Abi Franklin’s decision to kill her son’s murderer Corey Brent with a dodgy gun.

Pictures show the pair battling for survival in the sewer surrounded by rising water.

Nina Lucas desperately tries to stop her – but who will die?

And in a shock twist Jenny Connor will be left battling for her life – while ex Johnny Connor daringly tries to save her after she falls into the rapidly flooding old Victorian sewers below the cobbles.

Will Aadi make it out alive?


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