Coronation Streets Gary is willing to take a bullet and DIE to protect Maria from shotgun rampage says Mikey North


CORONATION Street star Mikey North has revealed that Gary Windass would even go as far as dying to protect pregnant girlfriend Maria Connor.

Viewers of the ITV soap were left shocked after Maria announced she was expecting a baby with villain Gary.

Gary would take a bullet for pregnant girlfriend Maria, Mikey revealed

However, the surprise addition is likely to be the least of their worries after Weatherfield is rocked by a gun horror, with Gary at the forefront of the drama.

After previously working in Ukraine to solve his money issues, Gary sold off his tools and van to pay offloan shark Rick Neelan, who had been terrorising Gary for months.

Gary then killed Rick in self-defence, but has since turned into a tyrant himself, viciously assaulting Ryan because he owed him money.

However,Gary may well get his comeuppance as Derek decides to fight back with the help of a live rifle found in the second hand shop on Christmas.

The cobbles is set to be rocked by a gun horror

Maria shocked viewers after she revealed she was pregnant with Gary’s baby

Mikey, 33, who has played Gary since 2008, revealed how his character is prepared to die for his loved ones in the shooting.

Speaking to Inside Soap, the actor said: Gary is willing to die and take a bullet for everyone!

He knows it is his fault, and he feels as if he doesnt have anything to lose. Hes lost so much already including Sarah that if it all ends here, then thats fine by him. Gary feels strangely invincible! It was a lot of fun to film these scenes.

To add to the drama, Corrie fans are convinced Ali Neeson is the father of Maria’s baby.

Gary has been targeting residents of Weatherfield for months
Maria started dating Gary shortly after her relationship with Ali

Viewers became suspicious after Maria gave Ali “a knowing look” while walking out of the Rovers Return during last night’s episode.

One wrote: “Calling it now – Marias baby will turn out to be Alis and Gary will kill him.”

Another guessed: “Plot twist…… Thebabyis going to beAli‘s.Mariawill find out at the scan she’s further on than she thinks and it’s not Gary’s.”

Later on in the episode, Ali warned Maria not to have the baby with Gary, who he outed as a loan shark.


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