Coronation Streets terrifying shotgun rampage storyline explained as its confirmed at least one character will die


GUN violence is coming to Coronation Street on Christmas Day as unhinged Derek Milligan rocks the cobbles’ Winter Wonderland with an armed siege.

Corrie bosses have confirmed that the cobbles are set for a festive shocker after the mass shooting leaves at least one mystery resident dead but will it be Gary Windass? Here’s everything we know about the terrifying storyline so far…

Derek lurches into the pub and holds Gary at gunpoint in Corrie

What is the Coronation Street shotgun rampage storyline?

Evil Gary – who is played by actor Mikey North – looks set to get his comeuppance this Christmas Day.

The loan shark‘s stooge Derek decides to get his revenge with the help of a live rifle found in the second hand shop.

After months of being controlled by Gary, it looks like the tables are about to turn as Derek will play the evil builder at his own game and sell the factory Gary forced him to put under his name to Sarah and Nick.

A furious Gary will then hold Derek hostage overnight and make him miss his flights to Florida with his kids.

Gary holds Derek hostage prior to the mass shooting in Corrie

Derek then fears hes lost his children forever and sets out on a violent gun rampage, bursting into the Rovers and holding Gary at gunpoint.

Gary then lures Derek into Winter Wonderland to avoid the pub guests getting involved in the crossfire but puts the Platts – who are enjoying the festivities – in grave danger.

Derek looks worse-for-wear as he goes on his rampage around Winter Wonderland searching for Gary as the rest of the residents take cover in the festive fairground.

Derek even clambers to the top of a helter-skelter at one point to get a good vantage point.

Is there any method to his madness or will he start to open fire?

Corrie fans will have to tune in to find out.

Derek is hot at Gary’s heels in Winter Wonderland

Who dies in Coronation Street this Christmas?

Derek is after revenge on Gary but with the stooge drunk and on a rampage, who knows who might get caught in the crossfire.

Spoiler pics show a number of key characters – including children – thrust into danger and frantically searching for a spot to hide during the armed siege.

Shona arranges a birthday surprise for hubby David and organises a treasure hunt with herself as the prize – but the clues lead David and the rest of the Platts to the Winter Wonderland where they become embroiled in the gun horror.

Shona has wrapped herself up as a surprise for David in Corrie

Shona is pictured hiding in an oversized present as a crazed Derek stalks the cobbles.

A terrified Sarah and Adam are also seen huddled together with Harry.

Michael Bailey – who set up the Wonderland – and Bethany are also caught in the chaos and pictured trying to get updates from their phones.

In one picture Gary seems to make a dash for it with Derek hot at his heels.

It’s a nail-biting moment as he pegs it across the cobbles but will the evil loan shark be the one to meet his end?

With exact plot details under wraps for now, Corrie fans will have to tune in to see which resident is left for dead in the disaster.

Adam and Sarah huddle close with Harry as Derek stalks the cobbles

What has Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod said?

Coronation Street boss Ian McLeod has been under fire for the controversial gun rampage storyline.

But Ian has defended the plot insisting it will keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

He also said the decision to bring a gun to the cobbles wasnt taken lightly.

He said: “I’m aware that the presence of firearms full-stop on Coronation Street is very controversial.

“But it just felt that there was an interesting side-avenue to what Gary’s been doing that hadn’t really been explored yet.

“Doing something involving a firearm felt like a realistic pay-off for the story we’ve been telling about loan sharking, the pressures of poverty, and the mental collapse that can cause for people.”

Gary warns the Platts to take cover as Derek approaches in Corrie

What time is Coronation Street on this Christmas?

This Christmas Day, viewers can watch the drama unfold at 8pm on ITV.

Fans can enjoy the action-packed scenes for a whole hour.

Corrie viewers can also enjoy the drama on Christmas Eve at 8.30pm, and Boxing Day at 8pm.


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