Danny Dyer says he was cursed by a fortune-teller who ‘f***ed’ his career’ for years after warning of trouble ahead


EASTENDERS legend Danny Dyer has claimed a reading from a fortune-teller sparked a run of bad luck that “f***ed” his career for years.

The 43-year-old actor said he met a man working on a movie who correctly predicted his life would be terrible until he hit 36.

Danny Dyer said he had the ‘worst two years of his life’ until EastEnders

But he insisted things turned around when he reached that age – having already almost hit rock bottom.

Speaking to daughter Dani on their Sorted podcast today, he explained: “I did a film years ago and there was a producer on it who was a bit of a weird f***er.

“He said to me: ‘What’s your date of birth?’ I said 24/7/77 and he goes: ‘Ooh.’

“I went: ‘What? What? You can’t f***ing leave it there.’ He said: ‘I just want to say to you that you’ve got a really bad couple of years coming up.’

The actor explained his fortune was told on a film set when he was 34

Danny was speaking on Sorted, his Spotfify podcast with daughter Dani

“He said: ‘Your best year will be when you’re 36.’ I thought: ‘What the f***? What a load of b******s.’

“Anyway I went on to have the worst couple of years of my life. Some awful s*** happened to me. Bad mistakes, bad decisions. My career was f***ed.

“It was the period where I became a bit of a joke to people – I still am a joke to some people, but to others I’m an icon and a legend.

“When I got to 36 I thought: ‘Well that’s it, my career’s over.’ I was going to nightclubs waving from balconies to get a bit of money to pay the mortgage.

The actor got a huge career boast when he joined EastEnders in 2013

“Anyway I got to 36 and then EastEnders popped up – no money in the bank and I went for that meeting. He was right.”

Dani, 24, was left in hysterics after she asked if Danny had ever got in touch with the fortune-teller to tell him what had happened.

The actor roared: “No. I don’t want to go anywhere near the geezer. He’s a f***ing jinx.”


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