Dean Gaffney’s scandalous love life revealed as he hopes to find lasting love on celeb dating app Raya


HE’S had a love life most Lotharios could only dream about, and now Dean Gaffney has joined exclusive celeb dating app, Raya, in the hopes of finally settling down and meeting The One.

But the EastEnders actor, 42, has certainly sowed his wild oats as a younger man as he bedded a string of women.

Over the years Dean has bedded hundreds of women

In fact, he’s had affairs, one-night-stands and romps that put Casanova to shame.

He has bedded hundreds of women over the years, with his string of illicit romances causing his 22-year romance to childhood sweetheart Sarah Burge to end.

And many of the women he’s taken home have been absolutely stunning and much younger than him.

But in 2019 he vowed to change his ways, saying: “I’m only dating women in their thirties now. I don’t want to go out with someone the same age as my daughters.”

He’s hoping Raya will help him charm a woman who can keep him tied down – and he’s picked Kate Bush as the soundtrack for his profile video.

We take a look at the women who have graced his arm (and bed sheets) over the years.

Sarah Burge

Sarah put up with Dean’s womanising ways for 22 years

Sarah was Dean’s childhood sweetheart who he had daughters Charlotte and Chloe with.

The pair were together for 22 years – but the actor struggled to stay faithful to his long-term love.

Their relationship came crumbling down when it was revealed he’d had an 18-month affair with hairdresser Sasha Levy.

Sarah eventually left the actor in 2015 having tolerated his philandering for years.

At the time of their split, he said: “No one wants to see pictures of someone that’s been in their life for so long with someone else. No one wants to be humiliated.”

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Dean was pictured in a number of compromising positions with Linsey

 Pornstar Linsey was next on Dean’s list.

In 1995 he was pictured fondling her breasts on a night out at the Hippodrome nightclub.

Other snaps showed the pair in compromising positions.

Ahead of his return to EastEnders in 2016, he admitted bedding Linsey was a low point in his career and life.

But little else is known about their affair which has been kept under wraps.

Sasha Levy

Dean’s womanising ways led to the end of his relationship with Sarah

Hairdresser Sasha is said to have been Dean’s mistress for 18 months back in 2007.

It was their affair that put the first nail in the coffin of his long-term relationship.

Dean allegedly first seduced Sasha when she was 17 with champagne nights in top London clubs.

He even went on secret holidays with her but everything came crashing down when Sasha’s parents blew the lid on their romps.

A source at the time said: “Sasha’s parents didn’t think it was right that she was carrying on with a man who at the end of the night would go back home to his wife and kids.”

It causes Sarah to briefly split with Dean when she found out but the pair patched things up and continued their romance.

Maddie Stephens

The pair shacked up in 2013 after he was spotted with her

Dancer Maddie Stephens left Dean’s long-term romance on shaky ground once again after the pair were spotted hand-in-hand in Blackpool.

Images showed them heading out on the town and going to a kebab shop.

The 2013 fling lasted a number of weeks and saw the soapstar shack up with the then-19-year-old in Blackpool.

They were pictured out and about in the seaside town and Maddie often posted snaps of them on her social media in 2014.

But their fling fizzled out after a matter of weeks as he went back to Sarah.

Alicia Douvall

Alicia claimed Dean was selfish during their short lived relationship

The former Celebrity Big Brother Star and surgery addict briefly dated Dean after his relationship with Sarah ended.

But Alicia wasn’t complimentary about her relationship with the soap-star.
She said: “He swept me off my feet by playing the big star.

“But he was so hopeless, rough and selfish between the sheets I knew it was doomed.

“He reckons he is a superstud, but he is the most clueless lover I’ve ever had.

Alicia claimed he’d never buy her a drink when they went out and would also flirt with women right in front of her.

Rebekah Rose-Ward

The pair stayed together for three years before Rebekah ended things

Model Rebekah is Dean’s most successful relationship in years – with the pair lasting three years before she dumped him in 2019.

The pair had a 16-year age gap, with fans struggling to tell her apart from his twin daughters.

Their split came down to Rebekah being bored with his laddish behaviour.

An insider said: ‘She got bored of his antics and felt like a trophy on his arm, not a girlfriend he treasured and wanted to marry.

“Dean was gutted when it happened but Rebekah had reached the end of her tether and left him.

“She feels like she is better off by herself and seeing as Dean thinks he’s some kind of stud, he’ll no doubt manage to charm someone else into being his girlfriend in no time.”

It appears Dean has calmed down his womanising ways as he is believed to have stayed faithful to Rebekah throughout their relationship.

They do say that you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince and Dean’s certainly had his fair share of girls.

Perhaps he’s now got the experience to know exactly what he wants in his partner and Raya is sure to help him find the one.


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